Paid Search

Reach a new audience through granular and targeted paid search campaigns

Paid search (PPC) services from 4Ps combine the very best in strategy, technology, creativity and marketing practices. We drive positive results while maintaining cost efficiency. Our paid search team works in partnership with our clients to build successful campaigns on an understanding of core business needs.

SEO Services

Get in front of the right audience online

Our intelligent search strategies are tailored to each client, focused on increasing visibility in specific online marketplaces to reach their defined business objectives. We combine technical SEO with onsite and offsite content strategies to allow our clients to engage their target market.

Integrated Search

Accompanying our search and digital advertising team are our social media and content specialists. Centred entirely on their clients’ business goals, our team of media experts are able to develop social campaigns that create direct engagement with target audiences whilst producing vital data and insights in return. This allows us to monitor the search marketing campaign and refine it throughout.

With our experienced team of content specialists also on board, through traditional and modern PR techniques, they are able to seed high quality content on relevant sites, building bespoke mutually beneficial relationships with top tier, powerful sites. We also have an in-house consulting team for special projects, offering specialist troubleshooting and technical advice for organic search, analytics and tracking, data analysis and in-depth reporting.

This integrated search marketing approach doesn’t end with the internal structure of the 4Ps team, it actually extends to our working relationships with our clients. By forming a close working partnership with our clients we are able to develop a clearer understanding of what makes them unique and create tailored strategies specific to them that go to the core of their business goals.


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