You will work with various data sources, programming languages and tools to deliver a best in class data collection setup, providing the foundation for the all the client’s and the agencies data driven approach to marketing. You will take the lead as required on client projects, be accountable for preserving our data as well as driving innovation within the company.

Main responsibilities

Data Management

  • Assimilate data from multiple sources preferably via an API, (including SEO reporting Tools, Google Analytics, Omniture, Google Trends, Google Webmaster Tools as well as all other external client data).
  • Manipulate and format data in order for it to be easily interpreted by visualisation tools.
  • Push and pull data where required from Google Cloud, or similar cloud technologies.
  • Troubleshoot any data inconsistencies and manage the company’s data integrity

Internal team management

  • Give good strategic advice to the team based upon previous experience
  • Translate complex information for client teams
  • Deliver and present reports to clients, in person, or via conference calls

 Leadership & management

  • Ensure that everyone you manage has regular appraisals, clear objectives and a career plan to work towards and that they have the skills required to meet your client’s objectives
  • Train and mentor the internal team to ensure best in class engineering skills
  • Proactively seek additional training and continuing professional development in order to stay up to date with industry developments, algorithm updates and process changes.
Skills required


  • Three years’ web development experience
  • Broad digital marketing knowledge with an in-depth understanding of associated tools/datasets. Record of applying this knowledge to achieve results for clients
  • Awareness of and active integration with other digital channels such as SEO, PPC, Display and UX
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-moving environment
  • Excellent project management and campaign leadership skills, with experience of managing budgets, estimates and schedules
  • Strong client management skills with the proven ability to add value to clients
  • Strong problem-solving/troubleshooting skills
  • Demonstrate an advanced (or highly proficient) level of experience of working any of the following languages PHP, C++, Java, Javascript or Python.
  • Knowledge and experience of SQL, relational databases and cloud computing (e.g. SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL)
  • Have proven experience in working within a development environment, with a good understanding of the practical aspects of data and analysis
  • Experienced using statistical modelling techniques including Causal Impact and R
  • Be experienced with data segmentation methods.
  • Demonstrate strong knowledge in extracting data through API’s;
  • Previous experience of statistical tools such as SAS, R, SPSS or Knime
  • Skills and knowledge of predictive analytics and machine learning