Combining sound marketing knowledge with technical and creative skills, our 4Ps people represent the best of the search marketing industry.  We specialise in different areas – SEO, PPC, display, content, analytics, data – but we’re all marketers at heart. We love what we do and we’re committed to providing the best service possible to each of our clients – no matter how big or small.

We work in vertical-based teams to keep sector expertise high and maintain a user-focused approach. We also have a skills hub, with specialists in each service, to ensure that our technical knowledge is up-to-date.

Among us we’ve got Excel nerds, gamers, creative writers, marathoners, musicians, Man United fans, Arsenal fans, parents, newlyweds, recent grads – an all-round fun, friendly, hardworking group of people.

Think you could make the cut? Check out our careers page to see what makes a 4Ps person.

Chris Hyland

Chris is one of the co-founders of 4Ps who now serves as client innovation officer. He is a big fan of technology, golf, cricket and his son Henry.

Matthew Phelan

Matthew phelan is one of the co-founders of 4ps who now acts as UK CEO. He is passionate about marketing, technology and people.

Paul Smith

Paul leads operations at 4ps, helping grow the agency while ensuring it continues to be a truly great place to work with (and work for).

Matt Stannard

Matt is our Innovation Director, in charge of keeping 4Ps ahead of the curve. He loves all things tech, data, and plenty of Lego!

Matt Delaforce

As Planning Director, Matt creates bespoke search marketing strategies to help meet the business needs of all the clients who come to 4Ps.

Luke Knight

Luke is the 4Ps Client Director, helping to promote the growth of our clients in line with both his beard and their business targets.

Liz Partridge

Liz is the 4Ps Relationship Manager and spends her time making friends and sharing contacts on behalf of the agency and our clients.

Kelly Green

Kelly heads up the content department at 4ps, ensuring the digital pr, offsite seo & content marketing is done to the highest standard.

Sina Holzheu

Sina is the Head of Affiliate and she´s working on campaigns across Europe for all sorts of industries. She has a crush on fashion and is really passionate about travelling the world.

Odhran Clancy

Originally from Dublin, Odhran is the Head of Travel and by far and away the most talented footballer in the office.

Kristi Hoyle

Kristi is the head of department for the business services and sports teams. She loves tech but never turns down a good sporting event!

Michelle Athersmith

As Head of Retail, Michelle ensures all clients drive their online businesses forward in this highly competitive consumer space.

Ruth Attwood

When not neck deep in data, our strategy consultant is usually babbling about semantics, dragons, gaming and sci-fi (in roughly that order).

Eamon Looney

Eamon is our UK SEO Director as well as the global SEO lead for the entirety of the worldwide Artefact team.

Veronica Campana Gutierrez

Veronica manages Programmatic Display campaigns across multiple verticals. She loves the sunshine and discovering new places.

Matt Hallett

Matt is our Head of Analytics, working across all verticals on tracking projects. He loves football, kayaking and attempting to brew beer.

Tammy Kieffer

Tammy is the Paid Search Director for Fashion and Beauty, ensuring that our clients in this vertical always have the latest ad tech for their campaigns.

Jenny Johns

Jenny is our Design Manager, working on creatives for clients and in-house projects. She loves netball, swimming and eating biscuits!

Abigail Salter

Abby is an account director and looks after our premier fashion and beauty accounts. She loves both style and technology.

Edouard Destrem

Ed is an Account Director for travel and retail. He enjoys spear fishing, snow boarding and filming sports scenes with his GoPro.

Andrew Limn

Andy is a Senior SEO Manager with a love of the techier side of the job. He enjoys playing his guitar and pretending he can surf.

Jennifer Sims

Jenny is the SEO Manager for the B2B team, working on technical SEO projects for the professional services and technology clients at 4Ps.

Laura Ouattara

Laura is our Affiliate Account Manager at 4Ps. She likes good food and spending time with her little girl.

Alex Smith

Alex is the data and analytics manager for the B2B team. When not playing with tech he loves cooking, photography and the outdoors.

Moneka Mistry

Moneka is a senior account manager on the travel team. She loves to travel and her ambition is to one day hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Kushtrim Jetullahu

Kush is a Senior Account Manager for PPC. He enjoys creative writing, going to the theatre and playing sports.

John O'Shea

John is the content and UX manager for the motoring team, helping to create sustainable digital strategies for clients like Audi and the VW Group.

Nick Shread

Nick looks after our Charity team at 4Ps. He hosts regular charity breakfast briefings and in his spare time enjoys playing hockey.

Kimberley Goffe

Kimi is our senior editorial manager, ensuring we write creative, polished content for clients. She is Jamaican and misses the sunshine every day.

Melissa Baker

Mel is the senior design manager on our studio team. She loves to cuddle her two amazing cats that are slowly destroying everything she owns.

Calvin Green

Calvin is an account manager working across travel, technology and professional services. He's one of our most charismatic staff in photographs (you can probably tell)!

Jeff Mainwood

Jeff is an account manager on the motoring team, helping clients with seo and analytics through data analysis and technical optimisation.

Micky Nardella

Micky works on PPC for Travel clients. He's a former professional DJ and now he' tries to be competitive tennis player.

Beth Woolway

Beth, 5’7”, design Manager, Cornwall, seeks connected physical and digital customer journeys. Enjoys long walks on the beach.

Lovedeep Jassad

As part of the property team, Lovedeep helps with the seo and analytics for his clients. In his spare time he's an avid gamer and loves a party!

Fatma Oezkan

Fatma is a PPC account manager on the retail team. She enjoys cooking, baking, long walks and is a complete series junkie!

Ellie Burns

Ellie is a senior account manager, looking after a range of retail clients and making sure everyone around her is always smiling.

John Lassen

John is a Display Marketing Account Manager…he embodies everything Display!

Nicolas Chartier

Nicolas is a senior account manager in our Technology and Sports team. He loves food, reading and travelling.

Kara McClure

Kara is an SEO account manager on the Fashion & Beauty team, aka "team FAB!" She's a big foodie and also loves to travel.

Alex Wallis

Alex is an Account Manager in team FAB. When not outside exploring the countryside, he's in the pub watching sport or at home watching a film.

Beth Sher

Beth is a senior account manager on the Leisure team. She grew up in South Africa and is a dedicated yogi who loves the beach.

Josh Clarkson


Adam Eldridge

Adam is a senior account executive with our display advertising team. He loves food, and enjoys playing 5-a-side, climbing and travelling.

Mai Vazquez

Mai is a senior executive in digital PR who works in the food and drink team. She helps to build relationships with journalists and bloggers.

Maedhbh Kelly

Maedhbh is a senior PPC executive on the retail team. She loves the gym, eating, reading and painting.

Pierre Daudré-Vignier

Pierre is a French native working on PPC clients in the Travel team.

Matthew Freedman

Matthew is a PPC Senior Account Executive with 6 years experience. He likes making House music in his spare time & going to classical music concerts

Kevin Hoang

Kevin is a Senior PPC Executive. Quite the tech guy, he's interested in all sorts of technology. A fan of film, VFX and animations from all over the world.

Tom McErlean

Tom is an SEO manager within the fashion & beauty team, working on some big household names and ensuring their seo is top notch.

Richard Deng

Richard is a Senior SEO Executive for the Tech & Sport team. In his spare time he loves to travel and has previously lived in Spain teaching English.

Ashley Beaumont

Ashley is a senior executive working on display advertising. He loves visiting new places and plays football to keep fit.

Francesca Idra

Francesca is a paid search manager in the retail team. She has a passion for marketing strategy and her sweet ball of fur, her dog Pablo.

Karin Edwards

Karin is an account manager on the fashion and beauty team, working in paid search to drive high ROI PPC campaigns for clients.

Elle Whitehead

Elle is a senior digital executive in the Food and Leisure team, which she says is ideal because she spends all of her free time eating!

Lizzie Glover

Lizzie is a senior executive for the fashion and beauty team who loves being part of her stylish team and dancing the night away.

Arron Dickens

Arron is a senior analytics executive. He appreciates doing a job he loves whilst enjoying life and raising children in Cornwall. He also likes a good pasty!

Nadir Shaari

Nadir is a senior SEO executive on the retail team. He has a degree in psychology and enjoys travelling, water sports, movies and food.

Lauren Kenel

Lauren is our designer, working on creative projects for clients. She loves cooking and hanging out in the park to adore passing dogs.

Olga Rtischeva

Olga is a senior digital executive on the fashion and beauty team. She likes singing, baking, and says her love for dogs doesn’t know any boundaries!

Shona Kirkbride

Shona is a digital executive on the Tech & Professional Services team. She loves all things food, exercise and travelling.

Kirstie Fleming

Kirstie is a junior executive on the content team, working on editorial pieces, proofing and digital content strategies for clients across 4Ps.

Sophie Burnett

Sophie is a digital executive on the Fashion & Beauty team. She's obsessed with bees, plays Ultimate Frisbee and does beautiful commission drawings.

Laurence Eastment

Laurence is our UX Manager. His interests include film, photography, design, and the outdoors. Usually found in the middle of nowhere, or at the cinema.

Katie Walsh

Katie is the copywriter for our studio team. She loves travelling, writing, cuddling her cats and chilling on the beach with her hubby and dog.

Katherine Terao

Katherine is a senior digital PR executive on the content team. When not Tweeting she is either making crêpes or playing badminton.

Inês Graça

Inês works in PPC for the Travel sector. She is a firm believer that B-films are great and cartoons are even better.

Dave Burkinshaw

When not being an SEO analyst, Dave is usually surfing in Cornwall. Loves the old-but-true clichés of biking, world travel and the great outdoors.

Bernal Alvarez Mazaira

Bernal works on PPC campaigns for clients in the travel and leisure industry. He loves travelling, sailing, music and reading.

Pavlina Theodoulou

Pavlina, who grew up in sunny Cyprus, is an affiliate account executive at 4Ps. She loves the beach and clay shooting.

Daniel Luck

Dan is a digital executive on the Motoring team. He enjoys podcasting and gaming, and says he lives in a perpetual state of hunger.

Rob Nutter

Rob is an account executive in the Affiliate team. Outside work he enjoys music and attending gigs and festivals.

Asma Khelil

Asma enjoys food (a lot), eating (good) food & making (good) food. Passionate about other cultures and languages, she does PPC for travel and retail.

Andrea Tremolada

Andrea is an Account Executive on the PPC Team. He enjoys live music, playing drums and outdoor activities.

Jay Patel

An account executive in the Affiliate team, Jay knows every TV show on the planet and also enjoys writing.

Annelies De Leenheer

Annelies is an analytics executive. She has a passion for Japan and loves travelling, gaming, martial arts and hanging out with friends.

Daniel Evans

Daniel is a paid media executive on the travel team. He loves animals - he's a trained zoologist - as well as video games and tinkering with technology.

Emily Sullivan

Emily is an editorial exec on the travel team. She loves writing, travelling and cycling, and has been dancing since she was two years old!

Tudor Bercu

Tudor is a junior paid media executive on the travel team. He loves tennis, running, exploring London with his family and drinking (good) coffee.

Francesca Penfold

Francesca is a Sales & Marketing executive on the commercial team. She's a self-confessed bookworm but also loves walking, the gym and playing netball.

Nikhil Thapar

Nikhil is a junior paid media executive on the retail team. As well as being a keen gamer with a love for Nintendo he's also an ultimate frisbee sportsman!

Monique Chambers

Monique is a junior executive on the travel team. She studied Media & Journalism and enjoys the gym, travelling and spas with some bubbly.

Michael O'Shea

Michael is a senior digital executive working on content strategy for B2B and sports clients at 4Ps. He enjoys snowboarding and films.

Jordan Sharp

Jordan is a digital executive on the Fashion and Beauty team. She enjoys food, festivals and climbing.

Franziska Woyke

Franziska is a paid media executive on the Travel team. She grew up in a small town close to Salzburg and so is very used to being outdoors in the mountains!

Heather McKenzie

Heather is a content executive on the Retail team. She used to teach English in Thailand and her favourite outdoor activity is horse riding.

Clive Belvin

Clive is a junior paid media account executive on the Technology & Sports team. A huge football and boxing fan, he's also an enormous TV and movie geek.

Scott Lacon

Scott is a senior digital executive in the technology & professional services team. He enjoys watching & playing sport, especially skiing.

Elena Coloigner

Elena is a junior PPC executive on the technology and sports team. Originally from the beautiful south of France, she enjoys skiing and sunbathing on the beach.

Molly Harmon

Molly is an executive on the retail team. In her spare time she likes travelling and meeting new people.

Aqib Qureshi

Aqib is a digital executive in the Tech & Professional Services team. He enjoys playing snooker and likes a good cup of tea.

Jocelyn Pitt

Joss is the 4Ps HR manager, working on everything from career pathways to training plans to keep the people side of the agency ticking over happily.

Sandip Gill

Sandip is one of our HR assistants, helping keep everyone working at 4Ps happy and healthy every day, all year round.

Gemma Reilly

After winning 'Receptionist of the Year' with 4Ps in November 2014, Gemma has become an HR manager who looks after our 4Ps people.

Adam Brown

Adam is the UK IT Manager. He loves travelling the world, Podcasts, Brazilian Jiu jitsu, and is a huge UFC fan.

Molly Worthington

Molly is our IT Support Technician, helping keep the office technology running smoothly for everyone.

Noelle Kelly

Noelle is one of our finance assistants in London who keeps things running smoothly. Everyone is sure the place would fall apart without her!

Claire Faithfull

Claire is a Finance Assistant based in Cornwall. She is a gym bunny, theatre lover and a MotoGP fan!

Harriet Perkins

Harriet is one of our office team. As well as being a fitness and indie film fanatic, she acts live and for motion capture in VR and video games.

Vicky Harvey

Vicky is a Finance Assistant in Cornwall. She handles her son Arran's social calendar and travels with her family when not keeping us all organised.

Alex Brown

Alex is an executive on the Motoring & Finance team. He volunteered at the paralympics in 2012 and has competed in the swimming finals for SE England.

Jess Nesling

As well as a member of the 4Ps office operations team, Jess is an actress, writer and co-producer of an all-female comedy sketch night!

Jessica Ferguson

Jessica is our talent finder, helping us hire the best people. She's a self-confessed puppy addict, novice vinyl collector and lover of all things food.

Adam Hussain

Adam is the agency financial controller. He enjoys playing football and golf as well as going to the gym and spending time with family.

Charlotte Stannard

Charlotte is a member of the finance team. She loves all things Harry Potter and helps to run a local youth club in her spare time.