Due to the vast growth in the number of people participating in social media platforms both brands and agencies have had to adapt in order to stay ahead of the game. Besides from many other developments such as location technologies, web applications, social advertising; we feel strongly that in order to maximise campaign effectiveness marketing and social media must be fully integrated.

It only takes one search in Google to realise the abundance of social media statistics; so below is a very top level look at where the industry stands:

  • Facebook reached 800 million global active users
  • Twitter now has over 300 million users
  • LinkedIn recently surpassed 135 million
  • Google+ has quickly climbed to 150 million active users
  • 50% of social network users are connected to brands

Despite the very impressive numbers it is the last point that is most important for marketing professionals – There are huge communities online that are open to engaging with brands on a daily basis.  I feel that during 2011 brands have acknowledged this factor and made big steps to integrate their marketing and social media strategies.

So how have brands improved consumer experiences online and what can we expect to see in 2012?

For every team within 4Ps Marketing (whether SEO, Digital Advertising or Social Media) integrating all of a client’s marketing activities is paramount.  To give some examples, we work very closely with our client’s traditional advertising agencies to produce campaigns that include social media calls to action. Another would be the utilisation of existing brand partnerships to extent the benefits to online communities through giveaways & promotional code applications.

In 2011 we have seen growth across many areas – Location based marketing, Facebook applications, F-Commerce & the notorious QR code. But what is going to be the key component in 2012?

I strongly believe that ‘Socialised’ print and outdoor advertising will prevail in the coming year for two reasons; firstly, driving the public online to enter a competition or redeem a promotion is measurable (providing unique codes are used) thus offering clear ROI. Secondly, the rise of mobile has made the internet more accessible to people on the move; giving brands the opportunity to creatively capture attention and build relationships with their consumers.

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