4Ps Marketing

4Ps Marketing Joins The NetBooster Family

Hi Everyone,

As you now know we have joined the Netbooster family and I thought I would share a few key facts. Below is a very funky infographic that shows you the combined companies but I wanted to share a few key reasons why Chris Hyland, Paul Smith and I first considered this move.

1) Depth

Our rapid growth over the last few years means we need more people to continue our growth and keep meeting client demand

2) Width

Our clients have asked us to deliver more of what we do now but on an international stage

3) Range

Our clients want us to deliver more services, eg affiliates and stuff that hasn’t even been invented yet

4) Scale

We want to join a company with scale that shares our vision to disrupt the agency marketplace (the fun part)

The clear message is that for now it is business as usual and our mantra of personal, client and agency growth only gets stronger. Chris and I are delighted to team up with Liz Blues as part of the newly formed combined board for the UK to start the next stage of our exciting journey.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Kind regards