The 4Ps team put their best oven mitts forward and hosted a bake sale to help raise money for Childreach International for the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Kristi Hoyle and Liz Partridge led the way in this philanthropic venture, as Kristi has a personal experience of working with the charity previously who focus on enabling children in Asia and Africa to get a good education, stay healthy and stay safe.

“Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited and it is devastating to see the damage that has been inflicted to many of the places I visited, and the sheer number of people who have lost their lives, homes and livelihood. Childreach International has always worked in the rural, mountainous regions of Nepal, and their Taught not Trafficked project was based at the epicentre of the earthquake in the Sindupalchok district.

Childreach is a really small charity and after first-hand experience of working alongside them for a number years I know just how vital (and sustainable) their projects are.

We raised an amazing £157.70, so massive thank you to everyone who made/ate a cake that day – you’re all wonderful people! There is a link here for anyone who wants to read about some of the things Childreach have been doing to help with the recovery:


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