A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to go to the Social Media Wisdom conference with our client Yotel. Huge congratulations to the team at IAB for putting on such a fantastic event, full of great insights and conversations. I’ve sifted through all the information and pulled together some of my key takeaways from the event.

IAB Social Conference 2016

Most video on mobile is watched with sound off

If you’re not producing video content, you’re missing out on a big portion of people’s internet attention, particularly when it comes to social. There were a number of really interesting presentations about video at the conference, but the main takeaway for me was that 95% of video watched on mobile has the sound off. It’s vital to make sure that your video content is understandable based on the visuals alone.

People consume content faster on mobile

This seems obvious, when you think about scrolling on mobile becoming second nature. Still, it really struck home to hear that the average piece of content on mobile gains only 2.5 seconds of attention. It’s absolutely crucial to make an immediate impression and for your brand to be recognisable in that time. In terms of social media content, this means creating a cohesive look and feel for your social feed to ensure quick recognition of your brand.

Emotional campaigns are most effective

One of the presentations included this statistic: campaigns that reach us on an emotional level are 80% more effective than those that do not. Of course, not every single piece of content needs to be a tear jerker – funny, inspiring and interesting content works just as well. I was reminded of a recent article I read explaining how studies show that fascination looks just like falling in love on brain scans!

Employee voices are powerful

Here’s a fact to think on: the average reach of a company’s social media is 100% smaller than the reach of all its employees put together. This seemingly obvious point gains power when you consider that messages from individuals are more persuasive than those from brands. So, it makes sense to encourage your employees to help share your business’s messaging. A great example of this is the employee who shared her employer’s policy on Game of Thrones viewing, which subsequently got picked up by the press.

Innovation builds more trust than presence

It’s much easier to be present than to be innovative, but according to one speaker, innovation on social media builds more trust with users than simply being visible. Within any industry it’s important to be ahead of the competition, but it’s especially relevant for social as there are so many other brands and influencers present. One example is VW using social to launch a huge consumer survey which paved the way for their driverless car campaigns. This is something we think about regularly in the content team at 4Ps – how can we do cooler, different, and more interesting things for our clients?

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