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Social Media For Building Brand Awareness

Increasing online brand presence has always been an important part of any company’s strategy . 38% of in-house B2C respondents cited ‘building awareness of our brand’ as their key business objective (according to Econsultancy), so how exactly can marketers better use social media to grow their brand awareness?

1. Better Content

Producing and distributing interesting content is not only key in increasing engagement with existing communities but  also vital for increasing your brand reach. The more insightful and engaging your content is, the more likely people are to share it. Over the coming months, consider creating content that you’ve never used before – maybe a new blog, video or whitepaper.

2. Digital PR / Community Outreach

Working with your traditional PR team/agency is vital in any plan for building brand awareness. If you’ve got a great story going out to the nationals, it most definitely needs to be pitched to high profile bloggers and relevant online communities too. If done correctly, this will not only expose you to new audiences, it can also have many SEO benefits for your website.

3. Influencer Relationships

If you plan on increasing digital PR activities, I recommend that you understand who the key social media influencers are for your industry. Once you have a list, you can begin an approach very similar to traditional PR; Touch base with these individuals, telling them about yourself, your company or your product. If you don’t have anything specific to tell them, that’s fine; the relationship can still be utilised in the future. If, however, you have a new product, why not let them sample it?

4. Incentivised Engagement

Whether you run a Twitter giveaway, Facebook competition or a simple website download, rewarding people for engaging with your brand can be very beneficial. Think of it this way, if you were willing to give your email address to a business in return for their latest research piece, wouldn’t you be keen to share that content with your relevant peers? It is this sharing that benefits your brand awareness.

5. Facebook Advertising

If Facebook is relevant to your target audience, advertising on the platform is something I would definitely recommend. It is reasonably priced and the interest/demographic targeting will allow you to pinpoint the perfect customer. If you combine advertising with some kind of content or competition, you could be on for some great wins, in terms of both brand awareness and customer loyalty.

4Ps isn’t just another SEO agency. To discuss how content and social media are evolving together in order to keep pace with new developments in advertising and user behaviour, give us a call on +44 (0)207 607 5650 for a no-obligation coffee and chat about data, marketing and technology across all inbound channels. What could a 4Ps content marketing strategy do for your brand?