Ad Hoc is a property management company specialising in socially responsible security management of buildings that are otherwise unoccupied. These can range from schools, churches, commercial and residential properties that require a physical presence in them while they are vacant for security reasons. Ad Hoc seeks to place people in these properties for building owners and landlords, to ensure that the sense of community and identity in the areas in which the property lies is maintained. The Ad Hoc commercial side allows guardians the ability to rent from commercial landlords which in turn reduces the business rates due to the building being occupied.

Ad Hoc Property Management

4Ps Marketing started working with Ad Hoc in May 2012 to optimise their website for SEO benefits. It was important to ensure that their site performance from a technical point of view was stable, and that their content was enhanced to concentrate on user experience as an ongoing priority.

Through the introduction of digital PR to improve the ‘searchability’ of Ad Hoc online and within SERPs. This helped with the promotion of the website in the digital sphere, actively finding the people who wanted to find services like Ad Hoc. We saw huge spikes in traffic following the publication of articles regarding Ad Hoc’s services on sites such as the Guardian and BBC. The idea of digital PR was to engineer these spikes within this traffic through reaching out to property bloggers.


  • To increase awareness of their services to tenants
  • To increase awareness of their services to landlords
  • To increase traffic to their website


The approach for Ad Hoc’s online marketing was two pronged as they were aiming to increase the awareness of their services to two different target markets, landlords (those with the empty properties) and tenants to fill the spaces (both commercial and residential).


In terms of Ad Hoc’s SEO, the main area to concentrate on was the user experience. It was important to streamline the content and navigation through consolidating pages with similar content and simplifying steps for users to find services. By making sure that the meta data was as optimised as possible, and the onpage content recommendations served the needed audiences, Ad Hoc were able to ensure that their search visibility and rankings improved.

Digital PR

With digital PR for Ad Hoc, it was important to engage with different types of bloggers, and also to create content that the users want to read and interact with.

The main strategy for this was to target and work with bloggers from various areas that were not the obvious choice for Ad Hoc. The collaboration with these bloggers to create engaging content that the users want to read meant that Ad Hoc were able to establish relationships with the users, as well as create a wider audience online.

One of the areas that Ad Hoc and 4Ps wanted to progress more was the use of events to establish these online relationships. By using the empty space of one of the properties, they could create an event where bloggers and Ad Hoc can interact within a space, and collaborate with organisations such as ‘Skint London’ and ‘London On The Inside’ to build up a profile of tenants and landlords alike. This would in turn increase their brand awareness, and consequentially build their profile online.


  • BBC news article drove a threefold increase in traffic to the site
  • September and October saw a 61% rise in monthly traffic
  • This year we’ve seen a 72% YOY increase in site traffic
  • General enquiries through the site have increased YOY, with a 211% increase in newsletter sign ups compared to the same period last year
  • Tracking of various goals across the site there has been a significant increase in goal conversion rate from 0.24% this time last year to an incredible 2.97%

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