This year we’re thrilled to race out of the starting blocks and kick off our partnership with this global leader in automotive products, services and mobility. Car giants Nissan first met our team in December 2017 and have comfortably slotted into our motoring vertical. Going forward in 2018, we’re excited to strengthen this partnership by shaping their international technical SEO and are looking forward to where things will go. Watch this space!


Over the last few months since we started working with 4Ps, your team has excelled in the three areas that I feel are fundamental to finding the right partner to work with – 1. Domain knowledge/Skills, 2. Ability to think with us as we develop our business plans and 3. Trust

We look forward to working with 4Ps in further strengthening and executing on our SEO strategy and combining that with our applied analytics for business transformation within marketing.”

 – Dév Rishi Sahani, Head of Data & Analytics at Nissan

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