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APH Community Content Hub

APH is a family owned and operated business that provides airport parking and hotels to UK travellers. As well as having their own car parks at Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham, APH also offer facilities at all the country’s major airports through a network of partners.

The Problem

APH wanted to grow market share and organic visibility on its four major traffic airports; Gatwick, Manchester, Birmingham and Heathrow. This was needed to help push site visibility overall for major, high volume query terms and so a more revenue-focused long-tail strategy was not appropriate for the brand.


With limitations placed on the website due to IT resources and the imminent move to a new CMS on the horizon, the challenge for 4Ps was to provide a way to boost organic visibility and market share for the business without significant highly technical changes.

The Solution

4Ps worked with APH designers and developers to expand the website blog into a broader community section designed to attract, engage and then retain potential customers by making the brand into more of a general travel content hub containing information, advice and fun or “linkbait” content for social sharing, as well as a more traditional blog.

Once the Community section was set up on the same domain as the main APH site (to ensure unified authority and brand integrity) we then worked with APH’s in-house content team to develop an onsite editorial strategy focused around building topic proportionality to their principle target airports rather than just producing content about general travel.

We combined this with an internal linking strategy that ensured a good, anchor-text relevant link from every content piece back to a desired landing page related to that topic – usually the localised landing page for a particular airport.


Onsite content strategy with technical interlinking on the APH Community section was able to kick start organic visibility for the key high volume query terms on their four major airports – data below is taken from our search engine results page sampling tool.

This put APH into a far more competitive position for beginning an offsite PR and outreach campaign to increase visibility and market share further in their highly competitive vertical.

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