With pay-per-click [PPC] advertising being such an immediate and reactive form of search marketing, Google have finally launched their automated rules system which allows advertisers to setup daily budgets and bidding strategies in advance, and pause and enable ads and keywords. Here are five ways we can use the new system to improve our advertising.

Optimise towards cost-per-acquisition [CPA]

A common target for many businesses, particularly those working on a cost-per-lead basis, the new automated rules allows advertisers to optimise towards a CPA on campaign, adgroup and keyword levels. The rules permit bid changes and pausing at all account levels.

Optimise towards conversions

This feature is particularly useful on a keyword level, where bids can be increased if a keyword is converting well or lowered (or paused) if a keyword is spending but not converting.

Ensure adverts appear in the desired position

If you like to optimise towards a position on the Google search engine, you can increase bids so that you meet a particular position or even create a rule so that you ensure that all your keywords enable your ads to appear on the first page.

Pause ads with a low click-through-rate [CTR]

So long as you’ve collated enough data to make a sound judgement as to what is considered a ‘good’ CTR within your account, you can set rules to pause ads that fall below a certain %. The rule can be set on data drawn from the previous day, past week or month.

Time your ads

Perhaps my favourite of all of the automated rules features, you can now time your ads to activate and pause themselves. This is particularly useful when you have launch dates for big events/sales planned. No longer will advertisers have to burn the midnight oil and wait until midnight to pause standard ads and activate sales ads – Adwords’ automated rules can do it all for you.

Great news for all PPC advertisers!

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