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B2B and Education Search Marketing in 2014


B2B and Education Marketing will become more personalised and integrated through the use of smarter data. There is a higher need to be more engaging with clients and prospects. Companies in the B2B sector therefore need to be more creative and open to change in finding ways to engage with their audience. B2B doesn’t have to be boring- creative ideas to get relevant content shared should be concocted to increase brand awareness and increase conversions online.

B2B and Education marketing will become more focused on user intent and expanded content to accommodate the rise of the long tail search.


There is a strong need for digital convergence of offline and online marketing techniques. There is also a need for technology firms, and all other B2B firms to merge business and personal messaging, as more and more people are passionate about what they do for a living. They therefore are open to creative and personal messaging in campaigns and advertising, especially through content.

The technology market will also need to incorporate search engine optimisation techniques based around the new Google Hummingbird algorithm in order to improve their online visibility.


2014 will see the rise in social media hand in hand with traditional SEO. There needs to be a focus of making websites searchable while getting people to search for them using social platforms, utilising word of mouth, promotions and suggestions from their audience. The use of interesting content and the delivery of this content through good technical SEO onsite, a responsive site for mobile reach and cross platform marketing for total coverage will increase visibility online.

As with all sectors, the Hummingbird algorithm update is very important; the need for ensuring that the SEO is clean, ethical and optimised to meet needs and behavioural habits will mean that their website will be deemed more relevant to search engines and end users alike.

Using a combination of social media with traditional and digital marketing techniques will bring the best results to target people on the various stages on the conversion funnel.


Publishing for newspapers needs to be more community based – the BBC and established national names like the Guardian cover national and international news, but people need something different from local papers and magazines. There also needs to be a larger shift to online for the publishing sector in order to keep up with the shifting focus and trends in consumer behaviour. For example, the average consumer is now much more aware of the environmental impact of the publishing industry as a whole and are therefore trying to conserve through the reduction of paper and ink usage.

The publishing sector has seen a decline in demand, with a total circulation now over 25% lower than in 2000 and almost 20% lower than in 2005. People are less able and willing to wait for news and access to media through print. Online can bring 24 hour reporting, and consequentially printed news can become ‘old news’ quickly; consumers are demanding their news instantly which can be achieved online rather than print. With profit margins being greater for print for the publishing sector, it will be important to address this in 2014.

This fundamental change in consumer behaviour dictates that there is a need for responsive digital content due to the substantial increase in the use of tablets and mobile devices. Technical website structure needs updating for this so publishers are not left behind.


In the Education sector, I think that not only will institutions need to further utilise social media channels, but will need to be more engaged and interactive with future students in order to achieve acquisition targets.

Target the Chinese Market with 4Ps

With taking on a native Mandarin speaker, the Business team at 4Ps Marketing can help establish the following three kinds of Chinese-related clients:

  1. UK based clients who want to promote themselves in the Chinese market by using the Baidu search engine.
  2. UK based Chinese clients who want to promote themselves in the Chinese market by using Baidu search engine.
  3. Chinese local companies who want to expand their international markets by using Google.

The 4Ps Business team are currently providing digital marketing services to a number of clients in China using Chinese search engine Baidu. This has helped to increase our clients’ search visibility online in China as well as establishing them in within this huge market. When targeting the Chinese market it is imperative that we have a native speaker within the 4Ps office to ensure understanding of both the language and culture to achieve the best results for our clients.

It is also important to understand the latest development of Chinese digital marketing law, as well as understanding their culture. There are substantial differences compared to European markets so it is necessary to create separate strategies to meet the needs of differing audiences.

The digital marketing industry in China is not as developed as the one in the UK. Therefore, there are ample opportunities waiting for clients to tap into the market.

Digital PR for B2B

Content will be king once more with social media and blogging as the driving forces behind the strategies for 2014. LinkedIn has become an amazing place to talk to the relevant audiences for B2B clients. This social platform is already one of the best way to socially share engaging content with your B2B audience. B2B content needs to be dynamic with the use of presentations, videos, imagery and infographics being distributed through other relevant channels, with 67% of B2B content marketers considering event marketing as the most effective strategy.

4Ps isn’t just another SEO agency. To discuss how SEO and content are evolving together in order to keep pace with new developments in the business and education markets, give us a call on +44 (0)207 607 5650 for a no-obligation coffee and chat about data, marketing and user behaviour across all inbound channels.