4Ps Marketing has been working with a leading B2B data company across all digital platforms for the past 3 years. In the first half of 2013, a major site re-launch took place, supported by a combined SEO and digital advertising strategy.

The brief was to co-ordinate and streamline SEO and PPC activities and tailor them to the new direction that the business was taking.


  • To successfully launch a new site with minimal consequences to existing traffic
  • To support the re-focus of the brand from data management to data quality
  • To increase goal completions and decrease cost per acquisition


As with any new site launch, we made a comprehensive assessment of the old website. This enabled us to assess what kind of design and structure would be most SEO and user friendly and therefore ensure that the migration went as smoothly as possibly.

We needed to ensure that the business was targeting users at all stages of the purchase funnel; brand awareness, engagement and consideration, as well as customer loyalty to ensure as many potential prospects as possible were captured. This was done through detailed keyword mapping and a URL structure that formed the basis for all on-page content optimisation and supported the off-site digital PR plan.

4Ps Marketing identified PPC campaigns that performed well and expanded those that were aligned with the new company focus.

Digital Advertising

Paid advertising was split into two formats; PPC and Real Time Bidding (RTB) display activity.

The role of PPC was to ensure visibility and lead generation was maintained so that their products were visible during the research and intent stage of the user purchase funnel. This was achieved by re-structuring the account, ensuring that all keywords and ads reflected the new website. The results were a 12.09% increase in impressions share and average position increase from 2.7 to 1.6. Another positive reflection was the generation of high quality leads. With the new site launch, 51% of all leads were considered to be of higher quality, in that they were deemed more likely to convert to a sale.

The role of RTB Display activity was a combination of prospecting to capture users at the awareness stage and re-targeting to capture those at the intent stage. The campaign was split up as follows:

  • Behavioural targeting
  • Content targeting
  • Channel/Domain targeting
  • Re-targeting

RTB technology has the ability to be automatically responsive to both audiences and bids, ensuring continuous optimisation. Here, we were able to gain awareness of a new audience and dynamically re-target users who had already visited the website. The re-targeting aspect enabled optimal return on investment through tailored targeting methods, without spamming existing convertors.

The results were impressive. Through this granular and specific targeting, a conversion rate of 6.65% was achieved, along with over 4 million impressions served.


The new site launch took place on the 30th May 2013. The below graph shows overall site traffic between 1st May- 30th June. A very slight dip is evident, which is to be expected with any new site launch, but we were able to maintain the overall trend, increasing traffic month on month.

B2B Data Client Launch Traffic

Below shows goal completions for the comparative 3 month period either side of the launch, which shows a consistent increase.

B2B Data Client Goal Completions

The increase in goal completions (28.52%) correlates with the move towards emphasising qualified terms related to the target business. One reviewed target keyword drove 13.1% more visits during the 3 months immediately after the launch, in comparison to the 3 months prior.

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