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B2B Lead Generation in 2014

Nick Miller, Head of Marketing, Admissions and Recruitment at Kaplan spoke to attendees of Digital EDGEucation about B2B Lead Generation in 2014.

Three things are required for successful lead generation online:

Some Assumptions

What to Consider

Set time aside for Segmentation

This will prevent you from blanket marketing to a wide audience

Build personas in your market

This will help you visualise and empathise with the target market

Invest in Content

All content and marketing activities need to be relevant to your target audience, and more importantly need to be appealing to read too.

It is common for B2B Marketers to think that what they do is too ‘boring’ to talk about. As a result content can stray outside of the business offering, resulting in confusing and irrelevant topics being posted which doesn’t necessarily help reach business objectives.

Collecting the right data and expectations

Ask your sales team what they need to know before a call is made. This is important as it will reduce the time spent going back and forth, as well as reducing the level of touch points in the customer journey.

Sales Team Alignment

There is an age old problem with marketing teams and sales teams not being aligned and working together to achieve goals.


When using external data, ensure you are complying with any legal enforcement that is in place to protect the privacy and personal details of those online users.


It is vital to make sure that the time of the campaign to go live is corresponding with events in the sectors’ calendar. What offline activities have you got on throughout the year, and how can you integrate online activity with seasonal trends. If you align marketing activity with these will there be a higher or lower conversion rate as a result?

Be Opportunistic and Agile

By looking at external influences on the marketplace such as tax changes, funding announcements and Government regulations, companies need to be able to react to this as quickly as possible. By being agile in their marketing activities, it is possible to enhance the presence of thought leaders.

Systems, Processes and Integration

Integration of all marketing activities seems like a very obvious thing to address, but so often there are small ways in which it can be improved such as:

The same goes for form tracking too – where did the leads come from, are people dropping out of the funnel when they interact with certain areas of the website on their way to the form completion, and is the form asking for the correct information for the sales team?

In Summary

1. Don’t over complicate things or make assumptions on personas and segmentation of the target market; this can be dangerous.
2. Content, Content, Content. This is of paramount importance to get the company to be seen as industry experts, thus building up trust to those who are at the different stages of the purchase funnel.
3. B2B marketers need to work with and integrate with sales teams to achieve the business goals. It is important that all work towards the same targets, and that the marketing team are aware of what the sales team needs to convert more efficiently and effectively.
4. Have good systems in place to ensure that all activity is being tracked and measured. This process needs to be as simple as possible to analyse so all members of the marketing team can see what is happening at all times from an outsiders perspective.
5. Be opportunistic and ready to adjust your plans with the changing nature of the market.

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