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BareMinerals Paid Search

BareMinerals is a cosmetics company specialising in mineral-based makeup and skincare products. Founded in the US in 1976, bareMinerals entered the UK market in 2001, selling their products in select department stores such as Selfridges, House of Fraser and Debenhams. It was in 2009 that they opened their first store in Covent Garden, quickly followed by one in Brighton.

The brief was to coordinate and streamline an integrated strategy, targeting key audiences across the entire customer journey to boost revenue and sales as well as making use of display advertising to raise brand awareness.



Awareness, consideration, conversion and customer loyalty are all essential to the buying cycle, and to achieve optimum results, all stages of the consumer journey need to be addressed. 4Ps Marketing’s integrated digital advertising campaign combined a number of techniques, including real-time bidding, PPC, video, social media advertising and dynamic remarketing tactics to target users throughout the entire consumer journey and buying cycle.

As detailed below, each advertising channel used offers unique possibilities and plays a vital part in driving brand awareness, increasing sales and increasing performance:

Google Display

Real-Time Bidding

Video Advertising

Social Media Advertising

PPC Campaigns for Generic, Branded and Brand Keywords

Dynamic Retargeting

Brand Awareness and Impact on Performance

Using a combination of social media advertising, display, real-time bidding and video, 4Ps increased brand awareness and established BareMinerals as one of the key authorities on natural makeup, beauty and skincare products in the UK.

Consequently, general interest in BareMinerals increased substantially over the past year, which led to an overwhelming 223% increase in direct traffic to the site.


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