We’re all very excited about the future of Bing here at 4Ps, so we were happy to hear the news that Bing Shopping has evolved from its UK Beta into a full roll out across the country. Shopping campaigns were initially launched 1 year ago in the United States, and have since been introduced into the UK, Australia and France. Bing state that 80% of shoppers now research products online before purchasing, so we expect the roll out into new markets to continue throughout the year.

Bing Product Ads

As with many Google inspired product releases, Bing allow us to import campaigns straight from their system, which means it could not be easier to expand your Shopping campaigns into a search engine that is closing in on 30% market share in the US – one of the many reasons we are excited about the future of Bing at 4Ps!

Bing Product Ad Example

Some forward-thinking brands such as Littlewoods are already on board with Bing and the new Shopping platform – make sure your paid search campaigns aren’t left behind. Although in the UK Bing has a much smaller market share than Google we’ve often seen immensely positive results with advertising on Microsoft’s platform, from lower CPCs to greatly improved conversion rates, especially in high end premium or luxury markets.

You can find out more about the UK launch of Bing Shopping from the official blog release.

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