On the lifestyle team at 4Ps, we love nothing more than delicious content about travel, food and drink, charity and so much more.

Moments-of-time permitting, we like to read what’s out there on the web with a good cup of tea and (quite time-liberally) work with great, independent bloggers- often acting as the middleman between these bloggers and our clients; our brands.

What we really like though, what we really thirst for, are those little titbits and tales about who these bloggers truly are and whether or not they fancy being our friends. After all, we’re both surfing the wave of the digital revolution and sharing what we love.

We asked our top 5-travel pals and buddies what got them ticking in the first place. Why do they, as much as us, thrive on sharing their passions digitally?

Meet the Travel Bloggers




“I started blogging in 2009 when I left the UK to travel around Australia and Asia for nearly two years. I was interning with my local newspaper at the time and they asked me to write a travel blog that was featured on their website. It was a great way to build my writing portfolio and also keep my friends and family updated throughout my travels. I loved hearing from people who enjoyed reading about my travels, especially when it inspired them to follow in my footsteps.

When I returned home in 2011 I began The Travel Hack with the intention of using it as an online portfolio to showcase my writing while I was completing a journalism course. Little did I know that this online portfolio would eventually become my full time career!”




“I decided to start a travel blog after graduating from university, where I studied languages and had the incredible chance to do a year abroad in Spain and Italy. After uni, I got a job that took me to London for 18 months and although I was no longer living abroad, I was wary of getting swallowed up into the London bubble and wanted to make sure I didn’t lose touch with the outside world! Throughout my teens I always wanted to be a writer, so a travel blog seemed like the perfect way to combine my love of writing with my international and travel-obsessed mind. And I can safely say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made! Through the blogging world I have learnt and discovered so much, I have had opportunities to travel across Europe, America and to Africa through blogging competitions, and I have met some lovely other like-minded bloggers out there.

On my blog I write articles passing on tips from previous experiences I’ve had, from working ski seasons in Chile to backpacking through Cuba, from au pairing in Italy to studying in Andalucía. I write reviews and post photos from my travels, give advice on language learning and try to inspire others to travel too!”




“I started Homage to BCN shortly after I arrived in Barcelona. I’d had it in mind to do this before I arrived. I thought it would be a great way to learn about the city and to make sure I was taking everything in. The blog doesn’t really have any particular theme except the city itself. It’s certainly not a review site as such, bars, restaurants etc.

It is just anything and everything that I come across or discover about Barcelona and to a greater extent Catalonia. To help me fill it I had the idea of getting other people to write about the favourite things they liked to do in the city too. This proved to be a perfect way of discovering secret little places that I may not otherwise have found out about.”




“I launched A Passport Affair as a creative way to gather and share information about my three passions, travel and food and culture.

Initially, I wrote and blogged (under another name) as a way to keep family and friends updated about our expat life in London. It took me months to realize writing and maintaining a website for four interested readers wasn’t tremendously rewarding and shifted my focus to include other interests, including travel.

The best part of travel blogging is, of course, the actual traveling part, but there are hours of preparation behind every trip and blog post. I take notes, organize and edit photos and write posts I hope will inspire and encourage others to go out and explore. I’m fortunate to live in London, a city that provides endless inspiration for posts about “traveling” and discovering things in your own backyard but when I travel, I like to settle in and spend time searching for find businesses, individuals and activities that highlight the landscape, food, language and culture of a region.

The most rewarding part of travel blogging, however, is connecting with people I wouldn’t ordinarily meet in “real” life. The world is a big place but travel blogs and the travel blogging community bring young and old, professional and student, virtual traveller and road warrior together through a shared love of travel and a curiosity about other cultures. I learn something new from someone new every day.”




“Before I fell in love with the wonderful world of digital and blogging, I always dreamed of being a writer for a glossy magazine. After graduating from uni I had took a boring PA job so I could move to London. Very luckily, I shared an office with a guy who owned a magazine, so automatically offered to contribute to the mag for free in my spare time. I once mentioned that I loved travel, so he offered me a press trip to Marrakech followed by Mauritius, Munich and Sardinia! I couldn’t believe my luck. I left my PA job and embarked on a whirlwind string of travel adventures. I wrote print articles about all of my trips but created The Travelista to document all of my trips online. Blogging is now a huge part of my life and an addiction I don’t intend on giving up!”

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