At this time of year, there’s nothing better than watching a display of fireworks light up the sky as you stand beside a great bonfire. And as it is Guy Fawkes Night tonight, I wanted to shed some light on an analogy that has played a huge role in my career to date – that of ‘Bonfire and Fireworks’.

For the life of me I wish I could remember where I first heard this expression (if you’re reading this and it was you, please get in touch as I owe you a drink!), but the comparison of bonfire and fireworks really resonated with me and has been the foundation of my digital strategies ever since.

The funny thing is, the bonfire and fireworks analogy does not offer anything particularly groundbreaking. It’s merely an excellent way to think about or explain the difference between ‘always on’ and ‘campaign’ media – and the main benefit is that it can be applied to anything and everything!

The bonfire is the ‘always on’ media, which burns brightly and holds people’s attention, but really just keeps ablaze in the background. The bonfire is fundamental to a successful evening.

The fireworks, however, are the ‘campaigns’ – the big, loud explosions that really attract attention and pull in your audience. The fireworks are what people really remember of the night, but you need to keep lighting more to keep people interested.

Take SEO for example – at 4Ps Marketing our teams have ongoing SEO strategies (the bonfires) for their clients, focusing their activity around a handful of core business objectives such as increasing traffic and site conversions, for example. Alongside these activities, at strategic times of the year, the fireworks will go off – these campaigns will often have a different set of objectives, whether a peak time flash sale or pure brand awareness growth.

Both bonfires and fireworks are significantly different, however, when there is a plan and they are used together in the right way, businesses can have one hell of a Guy Fawkes party.

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