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Boosting ALA’s Website Traffic With Content

ALA Insurance has been providing GAP Insurance in the UK for ten years and is trusted by the likes of AutoTrader, Honest John, Piston Heads and JCB. The 4Ps’ motoring team has been working with ALA for three years, providing complete online marketing services including search, affiliate, email and UX.

The Problem

ALA GAP Insurance was struggling to produce entertaining and informative content that would engage with their customers, and help drive new visitors to their site.

The blog did not have a clear and logical architecture, resulting in users and search engines struggling to find their way around the site. Meta descriptions exceeded SERP character limits, resulting in their titles and description often becoming truncated.

The publishing of content was not based on a content calendar; known seasonality and trends were not taken advantage of, and as a result the blog did not maximise the number of visitors it could potentially attract.

The Solution

We created a new and more logical blog site architecture, helping search engines to navigate the blog and find content, increasing visibility for relevant searches and potentially driving more traffic to the website. We implemented new meta descriptions rules for ALA, ensuring all the titles and descriptions were within the designated parameters, as well as containing keywords and calls to action.

We carried out customer research to gain a greater understanding demographics visiting the blog and the kind of content that interests them. Keyword research was then carried out to understand what users were searching for online. Search volume trends were identified, highlighting months that have the highest search volume for specific keywords. This informed us as to the kind of content that should be created and when would be the best time to release the content.


To ensure an improved architecture for the blog we conducted a content audit. Using data from a site crawl with Screaming Frog we carried out the detailed process of categorising the existing content on the blog, which then informed the logical creation of an architecture.

All existing content was then reviewed to help create a re-direct plan. This involved weak and duplicate content, as well as content that attracted low visitor numbers, being redirected to either stronger pages or the main blog landing URL.

The completion of the content audit not only allowed us to organise existing content, it also allowed us to spot gaps in ALA’s content and fill those gaps with future content.


In the first four months, traffic to the blog increase substantially, with an average page view increase of 93%. The new content not only drove more traffic to the blog, but just as importantly, the visitors who did come to the blog were more engaged with the content. The average bounce rate decreased by -81.75% and the time on page increased to 86%, with and an average of 3 minutes.

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