Morning everyone,

Just arrived in the office early as everyone has been nagging me for an update on #1Man1Mission3

The Response

The response to this has been huge. I have had so many people emailing, texting, tweeting and calling with their responses and input.

The feedback really breaks down into 5 main areas



1) The most common response is a concern over donor fatigue

My answer to this is that Google could setup a hypothesis to test this theory and run it in 1 country as a test. If we don’t know the answer to something lets test it. Even if this test doesn’t make any money the research on donor fatigue will be really useful for charities to understand.

2) The second most common response is regarding what charities should benefit from this

Very good point and perhaps something I should of considered more. My gut feeling on this one is that it should be children’s charities from around the world. So for example money raised by Google in the UK would go to a UK children’s charity and money raised by Google South Africa would go to a Children’s charity in South Africa (and so on).

I could insert a cheesy comment here about how Children are our future but I think Whitney does that better than me

3) Technical issues / i.e You couldn’t make the platform do this

This is probably the area that frustrates me the most. I work in a technical industry and anything can be achieved. I have known our CTO Matt Stannard for about 7 years now and every week I ask him for the impossible. He has never said no or failed in delivering some crazy idea I have come up with. Thanks Matt.

4) Why 20 pence?

20 pence was always an arbitrary amount I was using for dramatic effect. Sorry if this wasn’t clear. This would be a global campaign so 20 pence was just an example.

5) Google already gives out grants to charities in terms of free advertising

I am fully aware of this as we work with several great charities. These grants are a start but why can’t we do more?

The Plan

So in summary I think Google should;

1)      Pick one country that it has a decent market share in

2)      Select 1 children’s charity to donate the money to

3)      Set the hypothesis to test the donor fatigue argument

Should be simple shouldn’t it?

PS I have taken 15 days holiday in the last 4 years of running 4Ps Marketing. I am so convinced by this idea I would be happy to take 10 days out to work with Google on a pro bono basis to get the project off the ground.

The Google response so far

Matt Cutts (Principal Engineer at Google) has sent me a couple of emails saying he likes the idea but is worried about donor fatigue. I say let’s test it…

What can you do?

Speak to anyone at Google that you can about this idea.



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