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The Children’s Society Google Grants PPC For Tough ‘N’ Buff

The Children’s Society are a charity founded in 1881 to help change children’s lives, working towards a country where all children are free from disadvantage. They drive change locally and nationally, providing support where it’s needed most. They have an extensive network of frontline services, supported by an army of volunteers. With a mission to tackle child poverty and neglect, their work ranges from helping families trapped in debt, aiding child runaways and young carers, to work aiming to stop child sexual exploitation.

Their search marketing campaigns are managed within the Third Sector team at 4Ps.

The Problem

As a charity, The Children’s Society are eligible for a free $10,000 monthly budget to spend with Google AdWords, known as the Google Grants programme. There is a restriction on this media spend, with a maximum bid of $2 allowed.

When The Children’s Society ran their Tough N Buff fitness campaign in 2015 they found that they were unable to bid on a large number of desirable keywords, due to the required bid exceeding their $2 maximum. In addition, they found that conversions from PPC were low, with visitors being sent directly to their campaign sign-up page.

The Solution

We advised The Children’s Society of the benefit of producing fitness-related content that their target audience were searching for. This new content, coupled with our use of limited keywords per ad group, meant that we would be able to demonstrate to both the user and Google that our advert was relevant to their search query.

The result of this relevancy is that Google would provide us with a higher quality score for keywords, with lower CPCs required. The lower bids would allow us to target additional keywords that were above the $2 limit previously.

We researched content opportunities relevant to the Tough N Buff campaign, providing The Children’s Society with suggestions for a range of pages, which we subsequently optimised for them. Once these were in place we were able to implement highly targeted ad groups to utilise the new landing pages.


As with all Google Grants campaigns, we were limited to a maximum bid of $2 which meant creative query research and a focus on high quality landing pages to make the most of bid reductions through high quality scores.

The Results

We started a new campaign in December 2015 to coincide with the launch of the Tough N Buff campaign targeting New Year Resolutions to get fit. We found that quality scores increased as expected, and made a number of prime keywords accessible to our bid level.

The result of our optimisation and changes were that we achieved a 108% increase in impressions each day, with a 129% daily increase in clicks. This equates to a 21.5% increase in CTR. There was a 17% decrease in CPC and the average position of adverts improved from 2.6 to 2.4 as a result.

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