Content Marketing, the buzz word of 2013, is here to stay.

Not only has it transformed the way in which marketers communicate with their audience, but also the way they portray their brand as a whole.

Despite the well known benefits of content marketing for professional services, there is still some trepidation associated with it. The professional services industry is particularly cautious about investing their time and resources into this method of engagement.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

An integrated digital strategy throughout your overall marketing activity is essential. As a professional service provider, it is important to remember to make your content about your customers. What are the most commonly asked questions, and how can you go that extra mile to help? Some of the best content isn’t complicated; it’s straight to the point and personable. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should reflect the values and beliefs of the brand.

Content marketing helps businesses who are conducting professional services marketing activity to acquire more leads and clients through the educating leads about the benefits of their services.

By having a content marketing strategy, brands are able to provide content to their target audience to them at the right time. This means that they can highlight their expertise in their area of professional services, and inevitably increase their overall brand awareness as a result.

Restrictions for Professional Services

Professional Services marketing has proved to be difficult in the past, as these industries are subject to strict governing authorities. For example, financial services and law firms must adhere to a code of conduct set by the FSA and SRA respectively. This code of conduct also applies to any information discussed or released via content marketing or social media.

However, providing these regulations are adhered to, there is no reason why these activities should be avoided.

How Professional Services Can Benefit from Content Marketing

The professional services industry is highly competitive, and it therefore can be difficult for companies to set themselves apart from competitors.

So how would a potential lead decide which service provider to choose? Through helpful, clear and personable content. Informing potential clients about the services you provide will build their trust and confidence in your company.

Sales cycles in the professional services industry are much longer compared to those in B2C, as Chris Brogan, CEO of Human Business Works, has explained.

Consequently, professional services marketing must focus on building up strong, lasting relationships with potential leads. One factor in achieving this trust is the regular production of high quality content.


By tagging your content with Google Analytics, you can measure ROI and thereby see whether your content is reaching your target audience.

Useful, informative content will encourage the reader to share it, and if you can produce similar quality on a regular basis, they will be more inclined to keep coming back. This will ensure that when the reader comes to choose a service provider, your company will be at the forefront of their mind.

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