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Data Led UX Campaign For ALA Gap Insurance

ALA Insurance has been providing GAP Insurance in the UK for ten years and is trusted by the likes of AutoTrader, Honest John, Piston Heads and JCB. 4Ps’ motoring team has been working with ALA for three years, providing complete online marketing services including search, affiliate, email and UX.

The Problem

In 2015 the FSA changed the rules on how GAP Insurance can be sold at car dealerships. After years of selling overpriced GAP to customers, dealers are now obliged to give a four-day cooling-off period and encourage customers to shop around online for a better deal.

Great news for independent insurers; interest in GAP Insurance related searches has increased more than 35% in 12 months. Traffic to ALA is higher than ever, but a lot of people are shopping around for quotes. As a result, e-commerce conversion rates have dipped. Armed with a truckload of data and the awesomely analytical mind of our resident data and insights guru Emma Haslam, we got to work on finding out how to increase conversion rates across the board.

The Solution

The solution, quite simply, was hiding in the data; specifically the purchase funnel. Using a clever combination of Google Analytics and HotJar working in perfect harmony (that’s a story for another post methinks… did you know you can hook the two up and cross-reference sessions? Watch this space for more details), we were quickly able to see how people were interacting with the site, typical behaviour patterns, and where and why they were dropping off the site.

First we looked at frequency of quote and converting behaviour. This confirmed our suspicions; only 4% completed their transaction in one visit. This number climbed to 50% on a second visit, and 60% on a third visit.

We then looked in-depth at the sale funnel. Data extracted from GA and HotJar highlighted the quote screen as having the biggest drop off. No surprise there, given what we already know about people shopping around around for a quote; this is the first time a price is actually displayed.

We turned our attention to the offending page and by using HotJar heat mapping and scroll tracking we noticed something else that was clearly having an impact on sales. Less than 55% of visits were actually seeing either the ‘buy securely’ or ‘save quote’ buttons at the bottom of the page. Even those that wanted to make a purchase on their first visit were struggling.

Backed up by visitor recordings, we were quickly able to identify that neither call to action was obvious enough.

Eager to fix the issue, we worked with ALA’s developers and advised on design solutions that would have the biggest impact. CTAs were moved from the bottom of the page to the right-hand side on desktop; a sticky bar was added to the mobile and tablet equivalents. The overall result was a clear call to action that stayed with you at every step of the purchase funnel.

The Results

But what did this do for sales? Conversion rate increased by 20%; transactions soared by 42% and revenue grew by 57%. Broken down by device, we saw the greatest improvements to conversion rate on tablets (+23%). All three device types shared a 42% increase in transactions while desktop showed the biggest gains in terms of revenue with a 60% uplift on the previous period.

Needless to say, there were smiles all round.

We’re now working on cross-device and user ID tracking to see how we can better tailor the site to different behaviour models. Want to know how it goes? Check our blog for a write up at the end of May.

If you can’t wait that long, why not get in touch with the 4Ps motoring team? Some say they make the best coffee in Islington, and they have more facial hair between them than Thorin’s company of dwarves!

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