Managing A Successful Web Launch For Search

Ruth Attwood, one of our Advanced Search Consultants, spoke at the Digital In Kent conference on the 6th November with our client, John Henderson from Kent-based international brand Seven Seas Worldwide, about the search marketing angle of creating the “perfect online presence” for your brand.

With all the excitement of designs and content planning, search considerations are all-too often considered an afterthought when launching or relaunching a website. By making sure SEO expertise is involved at key touchpoints, you can ensure that your site launches at an organic search full sprint, rather than a stumble.

Create a solid platform for future growth rather than taking a step backwards or setting yourself up for an uphill struggle from the get-go. You can do this by building in technical SEO aspects from the ground up to help future-proof your new website.

Managing A Successful Web Launch For Search

You can see Ruth’s presentation slides here on ‘Managing A Successful Web Launch For Search’:


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