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Advanced Digital Advertising For B2B

Advanced digital advertising for B2B is not about obtaining hidden tips and tricks that only those working within the advertising industry know about. Being advanced is about increasing return on investment (ROI) from your existing campaigns before putting additional investment in, and understanding exactly what each advertising channel is offering you.

It is important to explore the conversion process of a lead and how different ad networks can affect this, right from awareness through consideration and finally the point of conversion itself.

The presentation slides below look at the conversion process of Awareness, Consideration through to Conversion, and how to target the audience depending on where they are in the purchase funnel.


Real time bidding allows for a highly targeted audience to be reached. Rather than targeting websites that are relevant to a business offering, this method of advertising targets particular audiences instead which have similar interests to your existing visitor base. When measuring ROI, display activity won’t drive a huge number of direct leads for your business however is important when understanding the user journey. With a display campaign you can define and capture new audiences with good brand messaging. Users will mostly convert on brand visits so it is important to note:


PPC advertising helps to reach an audience who are looking at more niche areas in their search behaviour. This enables a company to bid on relevant key terms to their target audience, ensuring that they are top of the page to encourage visitors to go through to their website.

Advert relevance plays an important part to ensuring successful ad campaigns; it means that the more relevant your website is seen to be for each campaign, the higher the quality score, and therefore the lower the cost and higher the position.


To encourage conversion, retargeting users who have visited your website will keep your product / service / brand top of mind. When using this, it’s important to make sure it’s carried out in a way that doesn’t annoy, ‘stalk’ or ‘spam’ people online. The best way of doing this is to set a frequency cap for how often the advert can be displayed to a single visitor.

When looking to improve your campaigns think about A/B split testing, however be subtle with messaging or when testing creative formats, styles and messaging though. The key is to be subtle without being completely missed.

Use Google Analytics data to create dynamic retargeting campaigns that ensure your ad/creative is placed in front of the right people. This should underpin your campaign, ensuring greater relevancy of your messaging for the target audience, and therefore optimal media spend efficiency.

Take a look at the conversion touch points within this diagram and how an advanced advertising strategy feeds into this:


COmmon ppc questions

When embarking on a new advertising strategy, we also need to look at how each stage of the funnel above provides its own risks if not managed properly, and how we can answer some of those most common advertising queries:

In summary, it’s important with all things marketing to remember that everything has exceptions, and these suggestions are made with the general rule of thumb taken into account. Please don’t just take my word for it – go and test it for yourself. One of the best things about paid advertising is that it provides data immediately, meaning you can optimise your campaigns and test elements as much as you need to.

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