Digital Bytes April 2015

Welcome to Digital Bytes, a way in which the 4Ps team can share with the wider 4Ps family what we’ve been discussing in terms of search, analytics, web development, social media and much more. We ensure we’re always ahead of the curve with how the latest in search can improve business for our clients.

Yes, The Mobilepocalypse Is Coming: Everyone Please Calm Down

4Ps’ Organic Search Manager, Ruth Attwood, despairs over the unnecessary hysteria, arm waving and hair-tearing that is growing in advance of Google’s mobile UX algo update due on April 21st 2015.

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FedEx to Buy TNT – A Hidden Message For Search

Rumour has it FedEx are buying TNT, but Organic Search Manager Ruth Attwood’s eye was drawn to a more interesting nugget in the BBC article and what brands could learn from it when it comes to their search presence.

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Microsoft & Yahoo in Open Relationship

Microsoft and Yahoo have recently renewed their search agreement with each other, adding a new provision that either company has the ability to end the deal at any point after 1st October 2015. Yahoo will no longer be required to exclusively use Microsoft Bing to power its search results on desktop computers. They will continue to serve Bing ads and search results for the majority of its desktop search traffic, but they now has the ability to be more flexible.


The Importance of a Happy Client

People happiness is truly at the heart of our business. Luke Knight, Head of Client Strategy at 4Ps, was recently asked the following question by a new member of staff:

“What is the purpose of the client happiness index?”

With the team and client base growing substantially in the past 6 months, it would be a good time to re-evaluate why is it important to 4Ps to know how happy a client is. You can read the rational from Luke’s perspective here:

Even More Stuff:

  • New 4k video streaming tech using less bandwidth might lead to higher adoption
  • Safari users can now sue Google over privacy breaches…should anyone bother?
  • Microsoft is offering free Windows 10 upgrades even to pirated software copies!
  • Moz OSE adds “spam analysis” for “risky links” – we still prefer human review though
  • Yahoo and Microsoft are still “renegotiating” their search partnership
  • Brandwatch introduces Signals, a social media scanner to spot emerging trends/crises
  • The Adwords QS bug has been confirmed as only affecting reporting, not ad serving – calm!

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