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At 4Ps we strive to be the best, to help people and be good human beings. We measure the happiness of our clients and staff on a quarterly basis to ensure we can be the very best. Please rate how happy you are with 4Ps on the link below on a scale of 1-10; providing feedback so we can continually improve our service and performance levels.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Why It’s Important For Your Brand

Why ensuring you have a strong corporate social responsibility programme is important for your brand. A handful of things we are doing to help our clients identify and translate their values to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility and tell great stories to enrich more engaging strategies. Whether you’re a full blown social enterprise, a multi-national corporation, or a start-up in a cellar somewhere, it’s what you believe in that truly counts.


Building and Maintaining New Digital Audiences For Third Sector

The second Third Sector Digital Breakfast event took place on 23rd July, covering the topic of “building and maintaining new digital audiences through social media”. Hosted by our Head of Third Sector, Nick Shread, the event provided an opportunity for charities to share knowledge and learn from the experience of their peers. Attendees gained insight from a diverse range of charities, such as SPANA, The British Red Cross, Electrical Safety First and One Plus One.


TAG & Bot Defence

TAG, the Trustworthy Accountability Group, has teamed up with a variety of big names including Google, Facebook and Yahoo to share information on bot-based click fraud and other such goings-on in an effort to stop bot traffic online via blocking data centres known to originate bot traffic. Could be good news for CTR inflation and Ad bidding, but how will this be affected by IPv6? Will the group’s findings be public domain for anyone to see or will it be a charged for service? This is something the 4Ps team will keep an eye on in the near future:


Luke Knight to tackle London Triathlon for Bloodwise

Our very own Luke Knight will be braving the relentless streets and chilling waters of the London Triathlon this Saturday 8th August, to raise money for our nominated charity of the year, Bloodwise (previously known as Leukaemia, Lymphoma Research,  LLR). You can read more about his story here, and we’re sure he would appreciate a donation:


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