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Google Hummingbird & Knowledge Vault In Action:

Google Introducing Mobile UX as a Ranking Factor: 

Sitelink Search Markup for Google SERPs:

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Mobile UX - #SquirrelLives


Google researchers are looking at potentially introducing a system which ranks web pages based on the accuracy of their facts rather than the number of links they have. For commercial/non-information sites there are a few problems with that approach but Knowledge Based Trust (KBT) does seem like a natural progression from what we know of the Knowledge Vault.



As well as the continued alert on the mobile UX algorithm update on 21st April, there’s more to look at on the Google and mobile front. If you have an Android app, make sure you speak to the 4Ps team about the expanded guidelines for app indexing for mobile results which has some great benefits. On top of that, Google has said they “have plans” to develop a totally separate mobile index which seems at odds with their cross-device messaging.



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4Ps took part in Econsultancy’s Digital Cream 2015 on Wednesday 25th March in London. Kristi Hoyle spent the day leading discussions in the B2B section of the day on the topic of:

‘How Search Marketing Impacts the B2B Sales Process’

It was lovely seeing some of our clients there, and to get a feel for the issues and problems that marketers face during the sales process and to see how search can help with attribution and measurement.

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Digital Cream 2015


Stat of the Month – Shops without an online presence are missing out on £12 billion of sales – ouch!

  • Google is developing a proper API for Google Now to make third party use easier.
  • Google Flights in the US now offers nearby Amenity data like leisure parks and restaurants.
  • Google is looking to introduce a VPN to protect data on open wifi networks.
  • Facebook has done a bit of a cleanup to its Likes system – the number of Likes might suddenly seem to drop.
  • More than 80% of https URLs display in http in search engine result pages (SERPs) because webmasters haven’t actually done a domain change in Webmaster Tools to let Google know about their switch.
  • Facebook has released topic data to help with targeting (though not for ads just yet) – watch this space to see when it’ll become more widely available.

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