The third sector team at 4Ps Marketing are adept at helping organisations reach a wider audience. We raise awareness of worthwhile causes and help increase income for charities to fund research or initiatives. Whilst our results are impressive, one common issue faced by the charities we work with is relaying this worth to their stakeholders.

A stakeholder is someone who has an interest of concern in an organisation or its work. For a charity they can range from employees and beneficiaries to investors, local voluntary organisations and regulators. Charities often have an increased stakeholder involvement than other businesses, and it is this diversity that creates the challenge in relaying the message of how digital marketing is benefitting the organisation.

Charity Stakeholders

With authorisation for budgets being required from many different stakeholders, this can introduce a level of complexity and additional obstacles to overcome when seeking the go-ahead for increased budgets or project sign off. Any messaging created to demonstrate digital marketing effectiveness needs to contain sections that speak to a diverse range of recipients.

Bespoke Reporting

At 4Ps, we produce bespoke reports for our clients. They could be weekly, month, quarterly or even daily if a campaign is of particular importance. The bespoke nature of the reporting allows us to work with our clients to produce reports which relay relevant information to the stakeholders who have an interest in the results of that campaign.

In my experience, stakeholders tend to have an interest in top-level statistics for campaigns, to instantly determine effectiveness of a campaign and report back successes to their managers. These could range from reports detailing effectiveness of PPC through Google Ad Grants, or paid Social Media advertising, through to reach for Digital PR projects.

In-depth reporting on search engine coverage, organic traffic, on-site engagement and similar tends to be the preserve of Digital Co-ordinators who have a bigger picture of the organisation’s overall digital strategy.

Charity Stakeholders Reporting

It can be straightforward to highlight good news stories to the Digital Co-ordinators, as they are aware of month-to-month progress. It shouldn’t be a surprise to them that volunteer numbers have increased, due to our work targeting a specific persona, or that engagement has increased due to our work on UX.

These fantastic results don’t fall into the interest areas for many stakeholders though, as they are not seen to be impacting the area of the organisation that they are personally interested in. So how do we demonstrate this good news to them?

Stakeholder Presentations

For one major client we recently worked with them to produce a presentation to be delivered to stakeholder groups to demonstrate how we had impacted the organisation over the many years we have worked with them.

Charity Stakeholders Presenting

We took them on an educational journey, starting with what SEO and PPC are. Whilst we work with marketing jargon every day, we had to understand that the terminology would be alien to many. We explained the changes to the search arena over the years, how local and voice search were of great importance, and how they had been positively impacted by our work to gain Google Grantspro status.

We highlighted how our work had contributed to sizeable improvements in engagement on site. We demonstrated an 82% increase in pages viewed per session year on year via organic traffic. We were also able to show that average session duration increased 53% over that last year as well.

Demonstrating improvements in engagement across-site highlighted to stakeholders that visitors were digesting more information about their own campaigns, staying on site longer and increasing the likelihood of them retaining an interest in particular campaigns.

In addition to increases in engagement, we also took the opportunity to highlight to stakeholders how the move to Google Grantspro status would impact them. Our work managing their $10,000 Google Ad Grants programme contributed 11% of site traffic during the last year. The step up to $40,000 free advertising per month with Google Grantspro would allow a sizeable increase in PPC traffic.

When confronted with the statistic that 10% of all website donations last year came via PPC, it was an easy task to show how the Grantspro status would impact fundraising efforts to help fund campaigns that stakeholders had a connection to.

Demonstrating Effectiveness

The key to achieving buy-in from stakeholders is demonstrating how you have had an impact on their work and helped their cause reach a wider audience. When you have made a measurable impact, it is a simple process to extract the data and display it in ways that are easy to digest.

Charity Stakeholders Demonstrating

The skill comes in keeping stakeholders informed of progress when success is less visible, such as establishing a relationship with a key influencer. In situations such as this, experience comes into play. We can draw on years of experience with third sector clients (and major international brands) to show the impact that similar breakthroughs brought to bear for them.

For example, forming a worthwhile content strategy could have a similar impact to our work with, where organic search now drives 80% of traffic to site. Or undertaking a data-led UX project could impact a charity in the same way as our work with ALA Gap Insurance, who saw revenue grow by 57%. We could also demonstrate how visitors to charity shops could be impacted, following our project measuring in-store footfall using Google Analytics, a Raspberry Pi and the technical knowledge of Matt Stannard, our Innovation Director.

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