4Ps Marketing

Dolce Hotels & Resorts Paid Search

Our aim is to maximise the opportunities available to each property within their retrospective markets whilst providing insight into emerging markets through highly targeted digital advertising.


• To deliver a highly targeted digital advertising solution that would cater to individual property objectives in multiple languages
• Increase website bookings and/or ‘lead generation’ through focused digital campaigns
• To provide insight for both organisational and property level growth and development


Our immediate focus was integration. When working within the hospitality industry it is important to ensure that we work with all suppliers. We began by integrating ourselves with each property as well as the external agencies to really understand the fundamentals of the business from which we could build.

After conducting our initial research we conducted research utilising search trends, third party data and previous campaigns to identify the best approach to maximise return on investment. We conducted research projects across European countries to highlight the opportunities open to each specific property whilst investigating data collected over the previous year to highlight the areas that provided the best return.

Dolce Hotels & Resorts Paid Search

Digital advertising was split into two formats: PPC and Display activity.


The role of PPC was to ensure visibility and lead generation was maintained so that Dolce Hotels & Resorts were visible during the research and intent stage of the user purchase funnel. This was achieved by re-structuring the account, ensuring that all keywords and ads reflected those most relevant to the services provided. We then reduced the number of campaigns and keywords targeted with budgets previously spread too thinly.

The campaigns were split between branded and non-branded activity with the latter targeted to the countries with the best return at testing www. We then worked with our translation team to ensure that all ad copy served in each country was bespoke to the tone of voice of each language.

The utilisation of site-links was also key to push users down the purchase funnel and to capture users looking for service offerings such as weekend romantic breaks. This enabled us to still use our top performing search terms, whilst continuing to push out higher priced services; thus improving the average order value.

Display Advertising

The role of display activity was used to capture users at the awareness www. The campaigns were set up at property level to ensure that each campaign targeted the most relevant user base.

4Ps Marketing was also invited to attend the Dolce Hotels & Resorts AGM in Sitges, Spain. This enabled us to work directly with all the property and marketing managers to provide an insight into the strategies being implemented at property level. The AGM also provided the opportunity for all the properties to discuss what has worked well over the previous year.


• Combined property ROI generated at 5.7%
• Combined property CTR generated at 9.7%
• 47, 765 Overall property clicks generated

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