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Food Bloggers – Eat, Pray, Blog

We recently introduced you to some of our top travel guys and gals and why they started blogging in the first place – what inspires them to share tales and adventures of foreign climes and translate them into the digital world. On the lifestyle team at 4Ps Marketing though, we’re not just fascinated by those who wander the globe but those that eat their way around it.

Food is a universal language and something we all share – a giant community within the world with infinite intricacies and delicacies and sadly, in some parts, disparate distribution.

The fact remains that we all have to eat and our four correspondents are here to tell you today about what drives them to go one step further- to document and present their experiences to readers worldwide from cultures far and wide:



Fats and Bird was born during our holiday to Italy last year after we’d been talking about starting to blog our everyday cooking for a while. It started more as an online recipe book for ourselves – we weren’t sure anyone would be all that interested in reading it but were sick of saying “What was that thing we cooked? Last month… the one with the chorizo?” so decided to start jotting it down somewhere.

It’s so exciting when we hear that someone has made and loved one of our recipes, whether it’s a family member, a fellow food blogger or a total stranger! We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it. We both work full time so blogging is, at the moment, very much still a hobby – it’s just an extension of spending time together in the kitchen. Our inspiration comes from so many sources: our travels, eating out in restaurants or round at friend’s houses, cookery books and fantastic local produce. It’s pushed us to be more adventurous – cooking different meals each week instead of sticking to the same old, trying new ingredients or flavour combinations – and we hope we can inspire others to do the same. Food is so much more than fuel to us, it’s a way of life and brings us together with those we know and love and those we don’t know!



I’m quite a private person when it comes to my innermost thoughts and, unlike a lot of other bloggers, I find it difficult to open up on my blog but I have, on occasion, written some emotional posts. I don’t really know where my blog is heading but at the moment I don’t care, I enjoy it and, for now, that’s all that matters.

Everyone has their own reasons for blogging or, if you’re like me, do it for no reason at all….but whatever your reason there is no wrong or right, just do whatever makes you happy…….and once you stop feeling happy about it then maybe it’s time to stop.



I started my blog, Supergolden Bakes, in December 2012. I had been reading and cooking recipes from food blogs that I found through Twitter and Pinterest, and they inspired me to start my own. Initially, it was a way to document and share recipes I made, but soon enough I was developing my own recipes and experimenting.

As a freelance designer I have designed quite a few cookbooks and assisted with food shoots, so the blog also gives me the chance to indulge the frustrated photographer and prop stylist in me.



I started the blog in October 2012. I’m a person that likes to document and record things, to look back over some time in the future. Having a sort of food anthology I could refer to for both recipes and good places to eat out appealed to me a lot. Another reason I started it was because I missed writing.

One of my A-levels was English in which I got my highest grade, but I pursued Physics at university and hadn’t written any prose for years – I missed it. The blog is a great outlet for any creative juices (I think) I have – I’m hoping the regular practice is helping me to constantly improve. Finally, I enjoy photography and the blog has given me the opportunity to exercise a bit of food styling and share any decent photos I take.



I started this job last year to share two of my biggest passions in life – food and travel. Ever since I was a wee little baby, I have always been obsessed with food and have a particular appreciation for pretty sweet things like cupcakes, macarons and brownies.

At first, I was so shy about my blog and so nervous to hit the publish button but I am so glad I finally did it. It has opened up a world of fun opportunities and I never expected I would meet such a lovely network of people from around the world.

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