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Things That Money Can’t Buy: A Work Life Balance

Those of us who live and work in London are undoubtedly spoilt for choice when it comes to wading through the pool of digital agencies – or so it would seem. However, little did I know that looking for a new job as a mum would be a whole new challenge.

We all have a sense of quiet discomfort when asking a potential employer for the personal things we need in order to commit to a new role. For me, as a mum, I found myself struggling to find a workplace that would allow me to meet my commitments – namely, collecting Henry from nursery.

Making strict company working times fit around my nursery’s closing hours was like trying to square the circle: it’s a pain in the proverbial… I soon realised why finding another mum in an office job was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Eventually, I came across 4Ps Marketing (part of the NetBooster group) and I am more than grateful every day for finding my place here.

Here’s what I’ve learnt…

Leaving the office sharply at home-time is often a source of intense guilt for both parents and those without children alike. I’d just like to say thank you to 4Ps for providing a flexible and understanding work space for us all.

At 4Ps, I’ve never felt like a burden because of having a child.  It was refreshing and inspiring to receive a call from Matt Phelan, the CEO, to welcome me to 4Ps and discuss how family life fits in with the ethos of 4Ps. Work-life balance is in 4Ps DNA.

Well, less of it – mums feel guilty for everything you can think of. Being able to carry on developing my own career and still pick up my little one in daylight every day has been priceless. Plus, hopefully, I inspire him to work hard as he grows up.

As you can imagine, being the only employee to do the dreaded walk of shame by leaving before anyone else is a hard thing to do. At 4Ps, I don’t feel like a special case: everyone here has flexibility over their hours.

Okay, so there may not be that many mums in the office yet, but nonetheless my team are very understanding and supportive of each other’s needs.  My team is amazing; they even remind me to catch my train to the nursery when I’ve forgotten to check the time.

Did I tell you about all the fun we have? The 4Ps children are pretty much part of the work family – they get to join in meetings and lots of events, such as the Easter egg hunt, gingerbread house making and Crafternoons. My son now actually has some idea where mummy rushes off to every morning and says “I’m going to work.”

Why shouldn’t we share our culture with our clients and inspire them to bring in their children for our catch ups? Recently, we had one of our clients, Mark Tapper (Dickies Store), visit us for a meeting with his lovely wife and children. We held a little birthday celebration for Mark’s youngest son. They thoroughly enjoyed all the singing and eating all of the birthday cakes!

Mark and his family at the 4Ps office

Who would have thought that I would discover all of this when first joining 4Ps? I can only hope more companies take after the 4Ps culture. After all, there are many reasons why hiring parents is good for business – being able to multi-task like a ninja is just one of them. 😊

This is just one of the reasons why 4Ps isn’t just another agency. Feel like you could join our team of digital superstars, including plenty of mums (and dads)? Hop on over to our Careers page or visit us on LinkedIn.