But does this mean that if you sign up to Google My Business you will rank better? The short answer is no, that is not what this update suggests, but it does allow small businesses to stand out from the crowd online. How? Google My Business integrates your business’ Google profiles, creating a much more complete presence online. It almost seems like this is Google’s attempt to encourage business owners to bring their offline business to the online (Google) world.

So…what does Google My Business include?

  • Google+ – You can share content (messages, links, photos and videos) straight from your My Business page
  • Reviews – You can see reviews that customers have left and interact with them through the main page
  • Google Analytics – You can take a look at your website’s stats on the business dashboard
  • Insights – You can now view information on your visibility, engagement and trends in the market
  • Maps – Edit and manage your business’ information and location that is available on Google Maps
  • Hangouts – you can host hangouts with your customers

In short, Google My Business enables you to combine your brand page, location, business information, reviews and social media all in one handy platform. This information is then displayed whenever a user finds your website through Google, as well as being available in Google search, which can potentially lead to an increase in reach.

Google My Business Dashboard

benefits for your business

You Will Save time. The first and most obvious benefit of Google My Business is that now everything is in one place, which consequently saves you valuable time as you no longer have to switch between your various Google products.

SEO benefits. Local search is becoming more and more important, especially on mobile devices, with users increasingly searching for nearby shops, restaurants or other businesses ‘near me’ while out and about on their mobile device.  For this reason it is vital that Google is displaying the correct information for your business.  This is where Google My Business can really have the greatest benefit, as it will put your correct business information on search results, maps and Google+. As a result, the user is able to find your accurate business location and details, which in turn can lead to offline sales.

Google My Business SERP

Monitor Reviews & Engage with Customers

The reviews tool enables you to easily take control of your online reviews, as well as track them over time. So, if a customer leaves a review of your business, you are able to take charge of it and respond. This is particularly important in instances where a customer leaves a negative or less favourable review, as you will be able to take immediate action and respond directly to the customer to hopefully mitigate any negative feelings and rebuild the relationship with your customer.  You can also take a look into the effect this negative review has on your website traffic with the review stats and can use the reviews to analyse what consumer base love your brand and which consumers need a little more attention.

Improve your ad campaigns

Additionally, if you are considering creating a new ad campaign but you don’t really know who to target or what would work, you can now use Google insights to better segment your customers.  Google Insights allows you to see where your customers are coming from, their age and gender – all of which is important for anyone creating new ad campaigns.

If you are a business user using Google places or the Google+ Dashboard to manage your online business presence then you will probably have already noticed the automatic upgrade to your account.   If you do not yet have a Google account for your business, it is definitely worthwhile setting one up to ensure that you are getting found online by your customers. Simply set up a business account through Google.com/business.

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