What Happened?

Google announced a new streamlined structure for their advertising products. Essentially this represents a more unified approach to their advertising and analytics platforms, creating a more streamlined and transparent offering.

In terms of visible change this means that from the 24th of July the Google ad ecosystem will be made up of 3 core offerings:

  • Google Ads – Formerly known as Google Adwords
  • Google Marketing Platform – Combining Google Analytics 360 with the DoubleClick advertising products including Search Ads 360 (formerly known as DoubleClick Search) and Display & Video 360 (known as DoubleClick Bid Manager)
  • Google Ad Manager – Formerly known as DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange

  Why does it matter?

This is Google recognising that whilst they have great platforms and tools, the offering becomes stronger if they are better arranged/more united.

The pace of digital change will continue to be highly significant and an update of this nature is good to see.  In its simplest form this is a re-organisation to put the ‘right elements’ in the ‘right places’ – something that is fully reflective of our own approach (past, present and future).  Whilst the initial impact of functionality is muted, this new structuring certainly paves the way for deeper integration and we will keep you posted as these developments unfold.

In our view any change that helps to simplify, unite and improve is something that we at 4Ps Marketing part of Artefact welcome with open arms. Understanding users, their journeys and gaining detailed and actionable insight is central to our mission and a key part of our commitment to our clients.

You can read the full press release here.


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