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Google SSL Search

One of the important aspects of being in the SEM industry is the obvious fact to stay on top of the latest advances in the search arena and Google makes a lot of noise!

Whilst Google’s intention to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the world’s most favoured game PAC MAN was modest, it cost business(s) 4.8 million in lost work hours. Moving on, the latest yet has been the launch of the beta version of SSL Search by Google .

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which basically encrypts the data to be transferred from one party to another on the web. All the e-commerce websites use this layer to exchange credit card and other payment information.

What is Google SSL Search?

The theory remains, only in this case, the data being encrypted in not any payment or highly secretive information but any search term and other relevant information that can be traced. There are pros and cons that come with Google’s SSL Search. The good part is that it enhances the privacy of users when they are searching for any information on the web.

Generally, when a search term triggers a display of a list of web pages for users to visit and find the information they are looking for, key analytical data such as location, time, number of visits, etc are recorded by Google and is made available for webmasters working on the many websites to track the information and use it accordingly.

But, with Google SSL Search, this data gets encrypted. Effectively, when in secure mode (HTTPS mode), the browser will stop sending any referral data to a non-SSL site visited via Google SSL Search. This leaves the webmaster with no information of how a visitor got to the page and used which search term.

With this introduction, there could be major disruption in the web analytics and web tracking. However, Google will still continue to have this information whilst other parties will be denied of the privilege.

Google’s SSL Search is still in the beta stage which means Google is still in the process of testing to arrive at a decision whether it should be made as the default search engine. Hopefully not!

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