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GreenAcres Woodland Burials Search Marketing

GreenAcres Woodland Burials is part of the Bibby Line Group and is a leading UK figure in providing natural burials. It currently has 4 parks, in Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire and Merseyside respectively. It focuses on providing funerals in beautiful settings as an alternative to traditional funerals and was one of the first companies in the UK to do so.

4Ps Marketing has worked with GreenAcres on a multi-platform digital strategy from September 2012, including SEO, PPC (search and display), digital PR and social media.

Originally, GreenAcres spread its online activities across four sites; the main corporate website and three specific park sites, all on separate domains. We successfully oversaw the consolidation of these four domains into one more powerful site and have since increased all digital marketing activities with great results.



The GreenAcres business is expanding; a new park has already been launched this year and having an individual domain for each park would have required huge long-term investment of both time and money. 4Ps Marketing devised a strategy and site structure that was more manageable, more powerful and would allow new parks to be easily added.

After a clear content structure was put in place, the one new site was launched in June 2013. The site content is of a particularly sensitive nature, so one of the most important tasks was creating a coherent journey that it was as simple as possible.  It was imperative that GreenAcres’ users, who are often in a fragile state of mind, were directed to the correct park pages and given clear and concise information that related to their location.

PPC was used to support all offline marketing activities, which included a radio campaign, print advertising and direct marketing. The initial test period proved to be very successful, and budget has increased 8 fold over the past 10 months, with an additional budget for display advertising. The display advertising was used for remarketing and then expanded to interest areas to increase brand awareness amongst the target market.


The graph shows the year on year all traffic comparison, which has increased by over 800%. Combining 4 sites into 1 helped increase traffic by a small amount, but combined traffic has still more than quadrupled year on year. We have continued to increase all traffic but specifically organic visits have grown by over 13% from Sept – Oct 2013.

The below graph shows a comparison of the download brochure completion goal between March 2013 and September 2013, showing that goal completions have increased by 594% during this period.

There are now not only more visitors but a higher quality of traffic. The new site structure will allow new parks to be added to the site easily and ensure that all future digital PR activities benefit all locations.

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