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GrowthAccelerator Multi Channel Campaign

GrowthAccelerator is a unique, government funded, business growth consultancy service.  It is led by some of the country’s most successful growth specialists, offering tailored support in four key areas;

4Ps Marketing already supplied a full digital marketing service to GrowthAccelerator including;

In Q1 2013, GrowthAccelerator invested in a large multi-channel campaign that incorporated a significant scope in offline and online activities. 4Ps Marketing was responsible for delivering a display advertising campaign that would be supported by the above online services. The brief was to target key audiences through display ad networks to drive leads and awareness for the GrowthAccelerator service.



4Ps Marketing work closely with Bannerconnect, a specialist in Real-Time Bidding (RTB), automated trading. With the objective to increase leads and boost brand awareness, the main strategy was clearly to work with Bannerconnect to access the largest and most targeted audience scope on display networks.


Weused previous analytical insights gained from other online channels to determine numerous audiences to target and tailor the campaign to.

Real-Time Bidding

Use numerous targeting methods to capture the largest potential consumer base, including;

With real-time bidding technology, Bannerconnect had the ability to be automatically responsive to the audiences and bids placed – ensuring the continuous optimisation.

Dynamic Retargeting

Alongside this, dynamic remarketing tactics were used to strategically target users that visited certain offerings on the website, but did not convert in to a lead. This ensured optimal return on investment, through tailored targeting methods, without spamming our already existing convertors.


Throughout the duration of the multi-channel campaign (8 weeks), the GrowthAccelerator website traffic increased by 104% compared to the previous period. Overall leads (online form fill-outs) increased by 38% – of which 12% were directly attributable to the RTB display activity.

Accurate targeting and consistent behaviour analysis ensured high lead quality, as no fluctuations were seen in terms of overall bounce rate or time on site, both of which can often decrease during display advertising periods.

During the campaign period, there was a 78% increase in brand awareness, measured from direct online channels.  As brand awareness was a secondary objective after lead generation, this surpassed expectations from GrowthAccelerator.

For lead-generation and brand awareness campaigns, as is well-known, it is difficult to determine accurate return on the investment However, during this campaign, 4Ps Marketing tracked the full user journey and attributed leads to individual channels. Therefore we were able to accurately establish a Cost per Acquisition or ‘Cost per lead’ for GrowthAccelerator to help justify the campaign results.

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