With the continued rise in display advertising, social media and CPC, attribution is always a hot topic in and around the 4Ps office.  Without tracking and analysing the multiple exposures on customer’s journeys, marketers cannot truly understand their ROI.

It seems to be the assumption that campaign attribution is easy and that if you leave it up to web analytics, your answer will be given to you.

In my opinion most web analytics models that we use to evaluate digital campaigns are not ideal and the attribution data coming through is inaccurate. I know at 4Ps Marketing we are working hard to increase our clients’ understanding and improve their interaction between the various online marketing channels.

The most common problems when analysing attribution data, tends to be the measurement tools used to calculate these results. Various channels use various tools to measure their data which often, if looked at correctly, results in attribution not being passed evenly or conflictions between results are evident.

Many clients look at last click conversion (mainly due to search being so far down the purchase funnel) and sometimes it is not appreciated that the work done by other online channels creates awareness and encourages customers to convert.  It is important not only give yourself the full conversion picture but to also give the correct conversion credit to the relevant channels.

Understanding and creating the correct attribution models for your company will not only give value to the impact all your offline and digital channels have on conversion, but also allows you to clearly measure whether your marketing budget is being spent effectively.

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