In our industry we’re all  guilty of  talking endlessly about being audience centric, but are we really? Take our quick fire quiz to see if you’re getting it right. And if you’re not we’ve got an easy to remember acronym (yes another one!) to help you remember what you need to focus on –


C is for Channel and Content

A is for Audience

L is for Learning

M is for Measurement

Right let’s get going….


Do you know which channels work best for your business?

  I                 I

YES            NO — Have a look at your business and determine your most

                          effective channel.


Great! Do you focus your budgets and time on these channels?

  I                       I

YES                  NO —  Oh no! This could be where you’re going wrong.


Do you have the right data to understand how your audiences behave?

  I                        I

YES                  NO – Why not? Having trouble collecting the right type of

                                    data? This is something we can help with!


Do you encourage your audience to become part of your community and share their own content?

  I                         I

YES                  NO – Social media is great for this! Get in touch for a

                                   coffee and a chat about how we could help!



You’re doing well. Do you measure activity and results against robust benchmarks and clearly defined targets?

  I                        I

YES                  NO – Don’t panic! This can be easily solved. Our team

                                    of industry experts are just a phone call away.



Last but not least, do you pull out insight from your analysis to identify ways to improve?

  I                         I

YES                  NO — You’re almost there, we can assist with any

                                     little tweaks needed to achieve your

                                       audience-centric marketing goals.



You are definitely audience-centric. But that doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Always remember CALM to make sure you keep on track.


If you like what you see and you’d like to come along to one of our events then get in touch with [email protected] for more info. We also host other smaller, more sector specific events throughout the year so keep an eye on our social channels, and the events section of our website for all the details.