As technology advances and smartphones drop in price, access to the internet via a mobile device is becoming more practical for the majority of people. Successful businesses need to adapt with this change and give consideration to their integrated mobile SEO strategy.  Following these simple steps will help you to assess your business and strategy in the mobile space.

Review Mobile Traffic

First, it is important to find out what traffic your website is already receiving from mobile devices, using Analytics. You will also be able to see what the on-site behaviour of these visitors is like.. For example assessing bounce rates on specific pages that may not be rendering as expected on a mobile device or time on site on specific page.

Standard SEO Still Matters

Google’s mobile index still uses a lot of common features that are used in standard SEO, so it is essential that you have an active SEO strategy in place. If a mobile website is not detected, search engines will still display your normal website, so a strategy for your target keywords will still be effective.

Social Media is a Must

Sharing content is happening more and more on mobile devices, and many industry professionals have predicted that in 2012, over half of social media sharing will occur on a mobile device. With the recent news that social signals will affect SEO ranking positions, it is confirmed that an effective mobile strategy is that which is combined with a social media strategy.

Mobile Usage Forecast

Mobile User Growth

Marketing intelligence company comScore forecast that in 2014, the number of mobile users will overtake desktop users.

This demonstrates the importance of ensuring that all of your marketing activity takes mobile users into account.

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