Hot on the heels of the “I am” Orange campaign we are now treated to a TV advertisement from Mercedes attempting to build an association between its customers and the Mercedes brand.

Mercedes have integrated their online with their offline advertising, meaning a Google search for the term “I am Mercedes” displays the I am campaign in first page search results. Mercedes are not pushing people to search for this campaign but they have integrated it. However Orange, who are pushing people to search “I am” are not appearing in the first page results and have obviously not integrated their campaign.

Mercedes results / 19th August 2008

  1. YouTube options
  2. Corporate site through organic listings
  3. PPC listing

“I am” Orange campaign

If you search “I am Orange” the Orange campaign appears number one in Google search results but as the advertisements direct you to search “I Am” with the brand, the campaign must be judged on that. It is still very surprising that Orange still do not rank within the firstpage of Google search results, for a term that they directly ask people to search on. This is a textbook case of not integrating SEO with the rest of a media campaign, let alone with the rest of SEM and other media channels.

The simple answer to this would be to direct people to search “I am Orange” instead of “I am”, although as a marketing campaign it does not have the same impetus. The correct answer would be to go back in time and re-plan the campaign with SEO and SEM in mind. In reality the best thing Orange can do is learn from this and ensure it doesn’t happen again – the reliance on PPC to drive the campaign is likely to have proven a costly mistake!

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