Marketers could no longer rely on a well optimised website and carefully selected key words, and instead they needed to start considering how they could create unique, relevant and interesting content for their target audiences.

Getting your content strategy right could mean the difference between success and failure and I would like to share my thoughts with you about how I think you can do this.

Firstly, what is your content aiming to achieve? By setting your objectives you can make sure that your content is working hard to achieve those targets from the off.

Google likes content. Especially the good quality stuff. The hummingbird algorithm change meant that Google search would be changing to reflect a more human way to interact with users and would provide a more direct answer. Therefore content should form a large part of your overall search strategy.

When planning your digital content strategy make she that you thoroughly research your target sector so that the plan you produce will be most effective for your audience, and is more likely to be the kind of content they usually like to consume. Keyword research is vital to ensure that you are targeting the correct terms and are not wasting time on keywords which are not relevant to your brand. This will also help you discount keywords which have very low search volumes, or those which are so high it would be counter-productive to pursue.

get the most out of marketing channels

Then make sure you have a cohesive plan which incorporates all your activity. This then ensures consistency and it also means that you will get the most out of all your marketing channels if they are working together with the same message. Make sure you cover all the bases – what questions are consumers asking? Who are the relevant influencers or third parties? It is important you are aware when your content will pack the biggest punch! Getting the balance right between onsite and offsite activity is also important. Pushing your message on social media or in publications needs to be offset by activity you perform on your blog, where you are pulling your community to you and encouraging them to talk to you.

Content Strategy
Pull all your marketing activity into an overall integrated marketing calendar so everyone involved with the marketing planning and implementation in the business can see at a glance what is planned for any given month. They can also make sure that all activity planned to run at the same time will complement and run effectively with every else.

Finally, it is very important that you have effective tracking in place so that you can monitor the reach and success of all the content you produce alongside your wider marketing strategy. Having a data implementation plan will mean you can be a lot cleverer with your data and targeting, therefore meaning you can cut waste and spend your budget a lot more wisely.

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