As we head into FY15, I can certainly say that people happiness is truly at the heart of our business.

I was recently asked the following question by a new member of staff:

“What is the purpose of the client happiness index?”

Following this, I realised that with the team growing substantially, alongside our client base over the past 6 months, it would be a good time to re-evaluate why; why is it important for us to know how happy a client is?

How to Measure a Happy Client

Firstly, it’s important to understand our process – Anyone from within a client’s business that has the slightest involvement in the work 4Ps do for them receives a unique link at the end of each quarter.

This link takes them to a web page where they have two questions:

  1. Between 1-10 how happy are you with 4Ps?
  2. Do you have any supporting comments?

Why Measure A Happy Client?

The purpose of seeking regular feedback is simple; we want to give clients the opportunity to score their sentiment in a simplistic manner, and provide feedback on how they feel their partnership with 4Ps is going.

This actionable data allows us to continuously improve our service and maintain as many happy clients as possible. Without regular feedback we wouldn’t have the ability to understand how our clients feel, and this increases the risk of them being unhappy.

I like to think of it in a similar way to a relationship, if either party doesn’t voice how they’re feeling, neither can really know how well the relationship is going, and if they don’t, then over time things can break down, through miscommunication, or a lack of.

The Impact of A Happy Client

Over the past few years we have had some extremely positive feedback from clients, which is excellent to read from my point of view. While we strive for this to be the case across the board, we also have had constructive feedback that’s allowed us to make positive changes within the business, and hopefully at our clients gain too.

Some agency activity that’s a direct response to Happiness Index feedback includes:

  • Account Directors host non-delivery focussed client meetings quarterly
  • Our teams are sector focussed rather than search discipline
  • Our Waffle Wednesday sessions are our way of keeping ahead in such a rapidly advancing industry

In summary, our business is better because of client feedback, and we want to continue this.

If we are lucky enough to have you as a client and you receive an email regarding the Happiness Index, on behalf of the entire agency I would be very grateful if you could take 5 minutes to complete the score, and give feedback on how you think we can improve.

Together we’ll make our partnerships more successful.

This is only one of the many reasons 4Ps isn’t just another London SEO agency. To discuss how content, search and technology are evolving together to meet new demands from brands and customers alike, give us a call on +44 (0)207 607 5650 for a no-obligation coffee and chat about data, marketing and user behaviour across all inbound channels.