ALA Insurance has been providing GAP Insurance in the UK for ten years, and is trusted by the likes of AutoTrader, Honest John, Piston Heads and JCB. The 4Ps’ motoring team has been working with ALA for three years, providing complete online marketing services including search, affiliate, email and UX.

ALA Gap Insurance

The Problem

ALA’s blog content was not in-line with the company’s desire to produce exciting and engaging content, that would improve conversion rates. The release of their content was sporadic and infrequent, and as a result the blog was not maximising the number of visitors it could potentially attract.

The blog content also contained no internal links, which meant there were no opportunities to pass page authority onto other pages or help users navigate the website.

This lack of strong content, published at the right time, meant that ALA were unable to instil confidence in their customers. As a result, ALA were unable to use their content to position themselves as an authority in their industry, and thus increase their quote to sale conversion rate.


We carried out persona research into ALA’s customer base to determine the demographics that bought GAP insurance. We created guide and statistic content specially targeted at ALA’s audience designed not only to inform the audience, but also to cement the message that ALA are an industry leader in their field.

We then created an SEO Content Calendar. Using a variety of tools such as Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner, as well as the traditional seasonal calendar, we were able to identify not just what audiences are searching for, but when they are most likely to search for a specific query or subject. This allowed us to ensure the right content was published at the right time (when people are searching for it) in order to achieve maximum exposure and traffic to the blog.


We understand that the key to success with any project is to work in partnership with our clients. ALA also understands and shares this collaborative approach and were keen to share their data and industry knowledge. This enabled us to not only create rich content pieces based on unique data, it also allowed us to look closer at the motoring industry, identify trends and combine keyword research and known seasonality to create topical content.

ResultsALA Blog Engagement

Looking at the top two blogs articles and the average for the blog section of the site we can see they have good engagement levels in terms of high average time spent on the page and low bounce rates, demonstrating that people do read the content and then go to other areas of the site afterwards rather than just exiting.

ALA Blog CVR Graph

The scrolling numbers also back this up: on average 63% of viewed blogs are now scrolled down to completion. Blogs don’t contribute to a higher conversion rate but they do have a much higher quote to sale conversion rate and so are playing an important part in people’s buying decision making.

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