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Independent Agency Census 2015

The Independent Agency Census 2015

The Drum have created a set of awards for agencies like 4Ps Marketing, who are independently owned.

We have previously been highly ranked in these independent agency awards. They really mean a lot to us as they showcase the work we do with our clients, and are partially voted by our clients. There’s no better award to win than one your client has put you forward for!

You can find out more about the process involved here: https://www.thedrum.com/news/2015/03/16/who-are-most-respected-independent-agencies-uk

The Drum Independent AgencY Census – Peer Poll

One stage to these awards is the all-important Peer Poll, where other agencies similar to 4Ps vote for the other agencies they most respect in the market.

Vote for us here: 


(We’re the first on the list – so we’re easy to find)

Agencies may vote for their peers using this poll until EOP on Wednesday 25 March.


We aim to make our clients super-duper happy, which is where the next part of these awards come into play.

We would like our clients to rate 4Ps out of 100 on our search marketing services that we provide for them, by recommending us on the Recommended Agencies Register:


This is only one of the many reasons 4Ps isn’t just another London SEO agency. To discuss how content, search and technology are evolving together to meet new demands from brands and customers alike, give us a call on +44 (0)207 607 5650 for a no-obligation coffee and chat about data, marketing and user behaviour across all inbound channels.