When you are searching for something new, it is highly unlikely that you have a choice of one. The customer always has a choice (even if down to saying no, I don’t want it). This choice is especially true if you are looking for a marketing agency to help you to grow your business. In a market dominated by global players and large networks, a May 2014 report by The Drum recognises nearly 300 independent agencies and “showcases the success of marketing companies that have chosen to go it alone”. All in, these independent companies employ 10,000 people and turnover £100m. That’s choice.

Independent Agencies Census in 2014

The Drum’s inaugural Independent Agencies Census picks the standout agencies from that crowded market, and we’re delighted that 4Ps Marketing was one of those. Why?

We do search marketing. It’s not bright, it’s not flash; our business is filled with people who get delighted by debugging 400 lines of code or who can answer the question “when should I use a 301 or a 302 redirect”. Wow, that’s sexy stuff (tongue firmly in cheek, of course). We know our stuff but we genuinely struggle to market ourselves because of its technical nature. So when other marketing agencies jammed packed with creatives, campaign builders and marketers voted us number 1 in our category of agencies with 26-50 staff, it is remarkable.

For our clients this is critical. As a search agency, we help clients attract new business – connecting them with people who are searching for a solution. For the independent sector to compete against the global one-stop-shops, that sector has to offer something different. We have to work with each other. Where clients get the best of breed but without the headache of having to make all those agencies actually work together. When those other specialists recognise you for expertise, you know you can work as a team and do great things with (not for!) clients.

For the details on how the survey was conducted and run (independently, of course), take a look at the Drum’s announcement on their independent agencies census. Thank you peers. For more details on our client feedback you can read on the Drum about our Elite independent agency status (2014) and our Elite digital marketing agency review (2013).

And we believe that the Drum’s recognition of all the successful independent agencies shows that clients have a myriad of options. Our commitment to our clients is clear. We never forget you have that choice.

Independent Agencies Census in 2014

This is just one of the many reasons 4Ps isn’t just another SEO agency. To discuss how content, PR and technology are evolving together to meet new demands from brands and customers alike, give us a call on +44 (0)207 607 5650 for a no-obligation coffee and chat about data, marketing and user behaviour across all inbound channels.