Have you met our CEO Matt Phelan? If you have, chances are he’s recommended or even gifted you a book to read.

As HR Manager at 4Ps part of my role is ensuring that all our colleagues have the space, the tools and the encouragement to create the best work we can, and this clearly inspired Matt’s recent book recommendation to me! He gave me a copy of Gethin Nadin’s ‘A World of Good’… and what an inspiring read it was.

In his book, Nadin uses lessons from around the world to educate us on the ‘employee experience’. He creates a compelling argument that is difficult to ignore – if you want a sustainable, successful business you need to put your employees first. He uses insight and research to challenge and dispel outdated myths and attitudes, whilst also providing advice driven by research on building a happy, engaged and productive workforce.

Whilst it is not uncommon to hear about ‘forward thinking’ people initiatives rolled out by tech giants such as Google or Facebook, most companies do not have the resources or, frankly, the money to replicate such practices. Nadin’s examples from around the world offer ideas that require few resources as primarily it’s just the attitude and willingness to really want to make a difference.

Here at 4Ps the business is built on our people and being a ‘good human-being’ is part of our DNA. It’s not surprising that ‘employee experience’ is high on our agenda. With this in mind, I found the book inspirational and I am definitely going to apply this to how I approach HR at 4Ps.


My key takeaways:

  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • Ikigai


Let’s look at these in turn…


1. Trust

Never underestimate the importance of relationships based on trust and reciprocity. 4Ps has experienced significant growth over the last few years and whilst this has been an amazing journey, now we are a larger company, therefore the individual contribution is harder to recognise. For example, naturally there is a heavier reliance on email as opposed to ‘face to face’ communication or impromptu stand ups.

As our team grows I am reminded of the importance of taking the time to truly get to know the people within it and how valuable it is that we nurture those relationships, whether that’s through impromptu meetings or just over a coffee.

Personal contact with people helps to build relationships and this in turn, creates a bond of trust. Where people sense a mutual feeling of trust and stability, loyalty is created, and a space in which they are more likely to work creatively and go beyond the ‘call of duty’. In our industry this is critical!


2. Flexibility

From flexible working patterns to staggered working hours and remote working, flexibility is something we already champion at 4Ps. We are receptive to our team’s needs, and our approach allows our team the space, flexibility and freedom to be able to work at their best and sustain a high-achieving culture.

Our co-founders both have families of their own and are great role models when it comes to flexibility. Nadin reminds us that flexible working is one of the most requested benefits in employment, therefore whilst this is something we value highly, we must not be complacent and there is always room for improvement.


3. Ikigai

Not heard of Ikigai? Ikigai is about finding joy, fulfilment, and balance in the daily routine of life. It’s an amazing concept we should all try and adopt.

Too often we take a siloed approach; our job, family, passions, and desires, are all separate and unrelated aspects of our lives. The Ikigai concept informs us that these are all interlinked.

Happiness and fulfilment is not determined by one factor. It’s a balance of all the above aspects.

I learnt this when I moved companies a couple of years back. I accepted my dream job, and more money working in a global company. However, it wasn’t long before I found that I was fighting a battle within myself as my values didn’t align with that of the company. I found it hard to build relationships – something that is so important to me and vital in HR. I was regularly working long days and weekends in a sterile atmosphere, leaving little time for myself and my friends.

I’m happy to say I found my Ikigai here at 4Ps, where I feel my values are aligned with those of the agency. I have great relationships at work and I feel excited about the journey. I strongly encourage everyone reading this blog to stop and take a minute, and reflect on your values and aspirations, and assess whether they are aligned with that of the company. I hope like me you will realise how vital it is to work in a place where you feel your mindset and values are a close match.

I’m fortunate that I work for a company which values the employee experience. I have been raised on the mantra that you treat others how you wish to be treated, and I like to think I embody that in both my work and personal life.

Reading Nadin’s book has impressed upon me the need to validate and reinforce the work practices which we aim to employ. It has also provided plenty of food for thought, in ways to improve our employee experience and shape the business for the future.

Nadin has shown that improving the employee experience is not just about being a good human being, it also makes perfect business sense.

Having read this book I feel even more enthused about the brilliant stuff we’re doing here at 4Ps. If you’re excited about our agency, it’s mantra and our future, get in touch for a coffee – [email protected]



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