As you may know from previous blog posts, Luke Knight, Matt Phelan and I are organising a conference at the top of Ben Nevis on the 5th October, called 3 Men, 1 Mountain. To add an extra twist, we have been set personal missions. My personal mission is to get 1 person who achieved a medal at the London Olympics to attend. Not easy…

After releasing the first blog announcing the mission to get a London 2012 medalist to attend the digital conference, I received a flood of emails, tweets, Facebook messages and even a Google Plus message! I never expected such a huge response or for so many people to even know as many athletes as they do. This all seemed very encouraging.
In short, with just 5 weeks remaining until the big day and all that initial interest, I have yet to secure an Olympic medalist. I have far from given up on the mission and have been offered a few other options to explore:

• Continue working through the long spreadsheet sitting on my laptop and hope something pays off
• Explore the opportunity of a young athlete looking to go to Rio 2016
• Branch out to non-medalists
• Do the Mo-Bot at the top of Ben Nevis and hope no-one notices it’s not really him!

A whole host of charities have been suggested and have approached us. This, of course, will be updated in future posts, but there is another option: sponsor a young athlete to go to the Rio 2016 Olympics. 4Ps Marketing do a lot for charity throughout the year, and this would extend the mission to last 4 more years. Names such as Johnson Thompson and Adam Gemili would be perfect for this sort of sponsorship or even some of the younger, less established athletes with no Olympic experience.

• Continue the mission for an Olympic medalist
• Explore opportunities of sponsorship with young up-and-coming athletes

Do you know an athlete? PLEASE contact Jack and help us achieve this important mission and show your dedication to your industry!

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