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Kaplan Holborn College Integrated Search Campaign

Kaplan Holborn College is a college based in central London offering quality undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from renowned UK universities including Anglia Ruskin University, the University of London International Programmes, the University of Wales and the University of the West of England. They offer a range of degrees in Business, Accountancy & Finance, Economics and Law specially designed for full-time study in the UK. Kaplan Holborn College offer a wide selection of courses within their subject specialism’s, ranging from foundation programmes and diplomas to top-up and postgraduate degrees.

The brief was to coordinate and streamline SEO and PPC activities targeting key audiences both internationally and in the UK across the entire customer journey.


– Increase organic visits and increase leads
– Increase high value goal completions
– Increase brand awareness of Kaplan Holborn College and its courses

Kaplan Holborn College Paid Search STRATEGY

4Ps lead through PPC identified key converting areas for Kaplan Holborn College and expanded on these through extensive keyword and industry research. These were Brand and core course offerings as well as the creation of the seasonally specific clearing campaign.

4Ps designed a paid search strategy to target consumers at different stages, brand awareness, engagement and consideration as well as customer loyalty to ensure as many potential prospects are captured.

PPC Campaigns for Generic, Branded and Brand Keywords
Driving brand awareness targeting existing and potential through generic keywords.
Driving sales and revenue through granular brand and branded keywords.

Dynamic Retargeting
Driving sales and increasing ROI by retargeting customers with courses they viewed on-site, but didn’t complete an online application or contact us form.


Year on year high value goal completions saw a 56% increase, from 680 in 2012, to 1060 during the same period in 2013.

Targets for these goal completions were exceeded in 2013.
• Visits were up year on year by 46%
• Bounce rate down by 22%
• Search traffic increased by 38%
• Direct traffic by an impressive 99% showing the increased brand awareness

“The 4Ps team act as an extension of our in-house digital marketing team, providing expertise, insight and additional resource to support us in both our day-to-day and longer-term projects and challenges.”
Head of Marketing, Kaplan

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